Why resumes get rejected

Astonishing but true!

The very first reason can be your address! While all of us are taught to write down our address following our name, studies show that recruiters who see your address and think you have a long way to commute, automatically rejects your resume without screening the rest of the content. So beware! Probably you can mention the state you live in and if needed they will ask you for details. Considering the fact that in India it is still important to write the address, your resume has the chance of being screened fully in spite of the address.

Write down your achievements more than your responsibilities

They don’t want to know what your job responsibilities were/are. Recruiters want to see how you have been useful to the company or the workplace at large and hence it is important to mention what you have achieved. If you were a sales manager, don’t say you managed sales. Let the recruiters know what you achieved in your term of being a sales manager.

Don’t be Boring and Usual

Every other article emphasizes on how your resume needs to stand out. It must be pretty obvious by now that you HAVE TO step aside from the old format of writing a resume. Be creative, you don’t always have to stand out by the things you achieve. Your resume can be a hit just by the creative design (Try www.grabr.in), different words you choose to use and what you choose to put in your resume. Read up the other articles in the blog to find out more on how your resume can stand out.

Online Reputation? BAD!

Gone are those days where only the resumes were screened. Now companies choose to look into your online activities too. Your social media accounts and your reputation online are important. Be sure to be rejected if your resume is first class but your post on facebook disappoints the recruiters. It is important that you take care of what you post on your social media accounts in this ‘Social media’ era. It plays an important role and you do not want to mess it up!


Yes spelling mistakes can be a major factor as to why your resume is being rejected! Make sure you proofread it before submitting! You cannot afford to make spelling mistakes of all the things! If you can’t make a proper resume with no typographical error, your recruiters will definitely know that you did not put in your best to do it and they will connect it to how efficient you will be in doing bigger tasks.

While these are just 5 things that are pointed out, factors like inappropriate email id , lengthy resume etc… that are mentioned in previous articles on how not to write a resume also play a major role in the selection process (See This article ). Be smart in what you write.