Why go Online? (Importance of an Online Resume)

Are you on a job hunt ?

Are you worried your resume is going to be lost amid thousand others ?

Are you looking for one strategic advantage over your counterpart ?

If you answered a yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time to start creating an online portfolio for yourself through Grabr.

Gone are the days of functional and chronological resumes. Moreover with employers, researching candidates online, it’s become imperative that applicants take charge of their online brand. With Grabr, offering impressive templates that are easy to create, the task at hand is almost too simple.

Online Portfolio increases your visibility.

People can find you through Google, and more importantly your friends can share your profile with their colleagues. Compare this with a paper / PDF resume that sits on your desktop. It’s hidden away and not doing you much good unless you send it to someone. Plus, there are long-term SEO benefits.

Pitch yourself better.

Online resumes are in a way marketing tools. It gives you flexibility in altering how you pitch your qualifications for a particular job opportunity. You also gain control over how you’re perceived online, and thus what employers find out about you when they conduct their search. With Grabr at your service, you can hone your online brand and stay a step ahead of your peers.

Organized option.

It’s convenient to have all your professional documents and information organized in a single place. An online resume can be tracked really beautifully (depending on how you post it and where) and nothing is more powerful to a job seeker than analytics. It provides a platform to put forth other materials that your resume and cover letter don’t feature in order to show evidence of skills and qualifications that you possess.

Save on time.

Be it time spent on creating a resume or sending it prospective employers, an online portfolio is definitely a more efficient option. Grabr also offers you an option to send updates to your employers incase you make any changes to your profile or the other way round, if an employer shortlists your profile. Thus saving on a lot of lost time.

According to a recent Forbes article, 56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7 percent of job seekers have created an online portfolio.

So it’s time to cease the opportunity,

It’s time to BRAND yourself.

It’s time to create an ONLINE portfolio on Grabr.