Resume mistakes you can’t afford to make!

With an enormous number of students graduating with a bachelors degree every year, it is obvious that majority of them will be applying for jobs. Now what is the basic factor that is required to apply for a job?

Yes. It is the RESUME!

It is a challenge to create a good resume and you do not want your resume to be riddled with mistakes.

Let’s come to the point. DO NOT OVERDO!

Piece of Work

Honestly, your resume is just going to be one among the hundreds that are being viewed and the recruiters are not going to have all the time in the world to read your long, never ending resumes. Keep it short and crisp. Know what you write in your resume. It defines what you have done and what you want to do.


Talk about blunders?

Cartoon 01

First things first… Get your email id right! The cheesy high school email ids need to be scraped! Let your email id be professional. Unprofessional e-mail addresses depict the ‘unprofessional’ psyche of the individuals which can be a disaster factor for you. You can always save the funky email ids for your friends.

Cartoon 02

Yes you have to mention your experience in different fields. Maybe an internship you did or a part time job you are currently engaged in. But wait… you really need to analyze what you want to project, you do not have to mention every single field you are experienced with. With reference to the example above, the points? Perfect! but Dealer of drugs? Really? Well if you want to include something similar, be assured that your resume is being targeted right into the bin.

Cartoon 03

Ok lets get this right. NO SPELLING MISTAKES! You do not want to be misunderstood. It is easy to misspell a word or two when creating a resume. best way to avoid mistakes, have your resume checked by someone who is well versed with language or if you think you are good enough then check it yourself before sending it. But do not think you are too good and nothing can go wrong and end up not checking it, cuz my friend, a word misspelled can turn you into a joker.

Cartoon 04

mhhh… I make an excellent sandwich? Sure, good for you! But how is it even relevant to the job you are applying for? Even if you are applying for the post of a chef, you do not type such a thing! Firstly, do not use ‘I’ or ‘me’ when mentioning your skills and accomplishments. Second, do not brag! No one wants to listen to you boasting! Stick to what you know is relevant for the job you are applying for. Lesson to learn: Do not be too wordy! So to sum it all up, bloopers and blunders are a big no if you are seriously looking for a job and do not want to look like a joker! All the best in creating your resume!