Qualities to learn from Raghuram Rajan

As Raghuram Rajan , Governor of the Reserve Bank Of India declared that he is going to step down from his post as his term is coming to an end, a lot of questioning on what the consequences are going to be is discussed. However from a man so knowledgeable and great, there are definitely qualities that each of us can learn.

Grabr identifies 3 qualities out of the many that makes him stand out.

Perpetual Zeal

It's the perpetual zeal to learn something new, no matter what your age is. Pursue what interests you the best. It doesn’t matter what it is or how old you are, if you have the zeal that you know won’t die, then just go ahead and pursue it and keep learning new things from it. His love for economics and finance got him to the post of a governor in RBI. In a speech he delivered for graduate students, he advised them that the end-end result did not matter if they didn’t like the work they did.

Disciplined and focused approach

He always viewed and dealt with crisis or simple situations with a disciplined approach. To have ethics that go with your work and to behave professionally is something that is always sort after in a corporate world. Focusing on what needs to be done rather than being distracted by the problem itself is a skill that needs to be developed. His way of tackling issues in such a way got him awards for the post he was holding.

Deep understanding

Whatever you do, know it enough! Learning never ends and therefore no one can have complete knowledge on something, however enough knowledge about what you like to do is a must. Understand your subject or field of interest well, so that no matter what comes your way relating to the particular field, you know enough to face it. A deep insight is always a boon to yourself and for others who look up to you.

So while what will happen to the RBI next is a question mark, let’s make sure to put these qualities that Mr. Raghuram Rajan leaves us with into use. And let’s hope for the best!