Power of words in a resume

As you all know Resume is the stepping stone to the many ladders you will climb. Obviously as the saying goes first impression is the best and that first impression the recruiters get even before they interview you is your resume. A recent study showed that a recruiter scans a resume for not more than 10 seconds before they decide if you are fit for the job! what do you think will highlight these 10 seconds? It is those powerful words you choose to use.

Power of words

It is always a plus to your resume if you choose to use words related to what your company specializes in. No, you don’t need to find words in the dictionary , all you gotta do is read your company’s news letter or magazines to find out words that interest the company your applying for! Use jargons that relate to your company.

Use words that are in the job description the company offers, you must go ahead and use those words as they highlight that you are keen and clear on what you are applying for and it assures the company that you fit into the job description.

Don’t use the same old boring words like managed, led, handled etc… your recruiters have seen those words enough. Get creative, use words that are powerful and strong. Understand that there are thousands of people applying for a job and they are clearly looking for someone who can stand out of the crowd and if you can achieve it with your very first step then there is nothing like it!

Here are few words out of the many that are available to make your resume an eye catcher.














Always upgrade your resume as time changes, if you find newer titles to describe your post earlier, pen that down on your resume! Don’t keep it stagnant, your resume needs to grow as you grow!