10 reasons this is a perfect resume for a recent graduate

According to Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, more than 1,60,000 engineering students graduated in 2015. And most of their resumes don’t even get a glance of recruiters. According to Grabr.In resume expert Andrea, if the resume gets that first glance, chances are high for getting an interview call. What makes a resume stand out from crowd? Andrea outlines the reasons below.

1. LinkedIn Link

Recruiters check LinkedIn to know more about the person and check his background.

2.Now its time to “IMPRESS” or get a “GLIMPSE” of your recruiter

This is the most difficult part. On an average a recruiter goes through 100+ resumes a day and getting 1 sec of recruiters attention is a real challenge. So you should try Resume 2.0 , which is a web resume, that serves this purpose. Advantage with Resume 2.0 is that it is recruiter friendly, catchy, professional and trendy at the same time.

3. A Career Objective

This is vital and this will show your career aspirations.

4. Education Summary with GPA

Even if you mention you college name, without GPA it doesn’t make sense.

5. Many employers look for job description matching skills

A Good recruiter doesn’t care who is your dad and mom and what their names are. All that matters is your capability, not your legacy!

6. A Big “No” to Family background

Always study the job description carefully and make a note of the specific skills required. This lets you know exactly what the employer will be looking for in your resume and application.

7. Most vital, Can you Guess?

Yes, For a recent graduate, its internship experience, "In addition, to theoretical knowledge gathered, practical experience and how you did your internship matters lot" she says. So don’t forget to include it.

8. “cutejohn@gmail.com"

Your call, will you send an interview invite to this email id? Nope, your contact email id’s should be professional.

9. Accomplishments

You have accomplished awards with great effort, so don’t forget to showcase them.

10. It doesn't include a list of references

Strike off "References available upon request" from your résumé. Every company does background check, and if it’s required it all comes in your interview.

That’s it, now make your perfect resume and best of luck!