April 2015, saw an online resume modeled after Airbnb’s website went viral, racking up nearly half a million hits. The resume crafted by Nina Mufleh, who had been trying to land an interview with Airbnb for some time. The purpose of this document is still an introduction. It’s to get an interview. It was her attempt to say “I can do anything”. And this opened a lot of doors for her -- she got the PR, she got the buzz.

Grabr is here to do exactly that. It is here to help build an effective resume and describe your skill set innovatively.

Start with an effective Elevator Pitch

Imagine you have only 30 seconds to explain what you're great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a prospective employer. Now frame it in three to four sentences and place it at the top of your resume. That should get your employer’s attention. Limiting your resume to what will fit on a single piece of paper doesn't mean much in the online world. If you can hold your reader's attention, they'll keep scrolling.

Use Technical Jargon

Most companies (especially big ones) use software that scans resumes for titles, technical skills, education levels, and years of experience/tenure. Though it’s traditional experts advise against using jargon, online portfolio building is a different ball game. It’s vitally important to list as many potential keywords as possible. However, don’t keyword dump. Technology is getting smarter by the day and is meant to see through attempts of manipulating the ratings.

Customize your portfolio

every time you submit. It’s important to re-arrange and highlight certain skills, specific projects undertaken to suit the job applied. Constantly, update your profile to showcase the newest of achievements in your career. Also, create multiple formats of your online resume handy. This ensures you stand out of the crowd every single time.

These tips are just a start. While your resume can help you get the interview for a new job, a fully optimized online portfolio can bring you more business, more connections, and can increase your professional reputation. That is a value worth achieving.