Finish your resume in a page

Even an influential, well established personality working in more than one company can draft a resume that fits into one page. You might think that there is way too much information to pen down and how it is possible to explain your experiences in just one page! Well sometimes it’s as simple as including the experiences that related to the job you are applying to, but what if all your experiences count?

For example lets look at Elon Musks resume, he is one of the most efficient entrepreneur with a successful career span of two decades, his fields and expertise are vast and we would think he definitely cant fit in all that information in one single page but good news is he does! Take a look at his resume !

There are companies like Grabr.In which offers professional one page resume's.

The trick is to keep it to the point, no one needs to know details. Your accomplishments may range from something so small to probably launching something you invented! Even then what you need to keep in mind is ‘Crisp and short’. If the company is interested , they will definitely ask you to elaborate your skills and interests. Your job is simply to put down those crisp points about yourself.

Being an entrepreneur so well established Elon Musk chose to rate his skills and competences , definitely at an entry level you cannot do that, or if you do then make sure to have an answer to the questions the recruiters might ask you based on that. Well just sometimes, it might seem that you are too over confident and hence maybe you should wait till your well established to rate your own skills but you can always come up with something as interesting as this. Let your resume draw the right attention.

A quick look through.

  • Keep it to the point
  • Crisp
  • Short
  • Impressive