Describe yourself

‘Describe yourself’ is a common question put forward in an interview. The key to this question is to understand your perception about yourself. The recruiters want to know what you think and what you feel about yourself. Hence being confident is very important. What you say can ruin or win you a job.

Prepare yourself for the answer don’t let it sound rehearsed though. Let what you describe about yourself sound positive. A company isn’t looking for sadist or for people who think low of themselves neither are they looking for bigheaded, brags and over confident people. Be modest. Know what you are saying and don’t mix up words.

The recruiters already have your Resume and CV, don’t repeat what you have written there. They obviously know what your name is and which institution you studied in! This is an opportunity given to you to speak of what you are outside the resume.

Just like how it is important to use powerful words in a resume, it is necessary to use strong words while describing yourself too. It is also helpful when you describe yourself according to the job description. Relate your personality to the post you are going to be taking. Talk about your strength and weakness. Point to remember- speak only of ‘Positive weaknesses’. Don’t tell them you are a workaholic! That’s a bonus for the company and you are only getting yourself into trouble. They are definitely going to make you do more work! Instead tell them that you get disappointed with yourself or a team member if things don’t go the way it was planned or how you are too much into details even when it is not needed. And conclude by telling them how you have been working to improve it. If you tell them that you are good at heading a team, don’t give examples unless they ask for it. Don’t go too far just answer to the point.

Sometimes all that the recruiter will ask is to describe yourself in 3 to 5 words. Choose positive, professional words. For example, Adaptable, approachable, passionate, hardworking, dedicated, determined, achievement driven etc…

What you need to remember while talking about yourself

  • Notice the reaction of the recruiter. If he/she is in approval of what you say then good, if they look disappointed, progress to describing better.
  • If the recruiter seems satisfied with what you have described mid way, end the description soon. Don’t prolong it.
  • Use strong words and be confident.