30 Second Screening – Will your resume survive?

The struggle to grab a job opportunity is REAL. On an average, an HR professional receives around 100 resumes in a day, out of which 30-40 would be for one position. It’s paramount to grab the HR manager’s attention within 30 seconds and clinch the possibility of an interview.

We at Grabr aim to do help you brand yourself and eliminate the chance of losing your dream company because of a poorly drafted resume.

Shift from a traditional paper resume to an online resume.

Online resumes help increase your visibility and pitch yourself better. The templates offered by Grabr are extremely chic, and helps offer all the requisite information in the most innovative and relevant manner possible. Business Insider claims that 86% of the hiring managers agree to researching a person’s online presence. Why not capitalize it?

Relevant to the Audience

An HR professional with just 30 seconds to spare the resume must be given all requisite information without the unnecessary elaboration. Mention only achievements and work experiences that are relevant to the job. It’s extremely important to constantly change, and customize your resume to suit the needs of the applied job.

Organization of Facts

This is one trick, which is extremely hard to master. The resume mustn’t overload the user with information. Adopt the Russian Doll Approach and stick to elaborating about the most important project and reducing gradually to a line for the least important project. This approach is proven to help the user absorb and retain maximum information.

Skills developed from relevant projects

Don’t just mention you are hardworking , or a team player. Mention projects you’ve worked on, the skills you’ve gained and more importantly the changes or results you’ve been instrumental in bringing about. This adds value to your claims and would be highly appreciated by HR managers.

Descriptive Titles and Recognition of Past Companies

It’s important to mention descriptive titles for past working experiences to catch the eye of the reader and keep him engaged. It’s also good practice to mention in brief about the works of your past company to help the manager judge your suitability with their organization.

Consistent Branding and Usage of Key Words

An HR professional who is hard pressed for time generally scouts for key words such as leader, strategist, team player etc for basic screening process. Usage of action verbs such as analyzed, generated, forecasted, managed are an added bonus against your competitors.

Surviving the thirty-second glance is extremely difficult, but not impossible. It’s important to develop a marketable quality resume, in-order to pitch yourself better and stay ahead in the rat race. A study has in fact showed that professionally organized resumes have 70% more acceptance rate than those prepared by candidates themselves.

So join Grabr and score the chance of working with your dream company.