Blair Kaplan Venables, social media specialist with an inspiring story

Blair Kaplan Venables is President of Blair Kaplan Communications and founder of I Am Resilient. As a social media expert, she has led many well-known social media marketing campaigns in the wellness, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.

Blair is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a renowned coach. She teaches courses in social media and marketing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and for various chambers of commerce. Through her marketing strategies, turning many of her clients’ businesses into profitable ones, she has won numerous awards and has been behind the launch of many innovative companies.

She has been on stage at many events, talking about her experiences. Blair’s experience has been featured in media including Forbes, Yahoo !, CEOWORLD Magazine, She Owns It, and Thrive Global. The list of her accomplishments is endless, and no one can imagine in their wildest dreams that she achieved such a level of success after a traumatic past faced with dire challenges.

Blair is a perfect example of how you can succeed in the face of life’s worst adversity. She has achieved an optimal level of success in her field as a social media expert and mentor and proudly declares that she was born to guide others on the path to fame. Today, Blair is in a leadership position despite a troubled past.

When asked about the difficult times she went through, Blair replies, “as a child of divorce; I had hard experiences that made me more mature than my age – a father who struggled with addiction and did not help me when needed made my heart bitter. Growing up, I forgave him and brought him back into my life only to find out about his incurable disease that broke my heart to pieces. “

She continues: “I decided to start the I Am Resilient project to help the community learn lessons. This was the beginning of a turbulent period in my life. I lost my grandfather and had a car accident on my way home from a funeral. A month later, my husband had a heart attack and had to undergo surgery, and then finally, to further exacerbate my problems, I was confronted with the traumatic experience of anti-Semitism. ”

Things got worse, and then a pandemic broke out, bringing further suffering, including miscarriage. But each experience has given me more strength and made me more resilient, so I still go strong and heal forward and publicly.

The past few months have been extremely difficult as several close members of the Blair family have passed away. However, her immortal spirit never fails her and she is on her way to the stars. The book I Am Resilient will be released in the fall of 2021.

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