Bilal Qazi: Achieving Dramatic Success as a Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur, Marketer and Blogger

What we hear more about how many of the world’s young talents have excelled in their niches have become an everyday story, showing the world how this should be done. More information about these talents instills more hope, positivity, and inspiration in others and helps them believe in their dreams and do the same.

Bilal Kazi’s success story is one that has incredibly influenced people’s lives for the better and made them realize that true passion and determination can lead anyone to their definition of success. Bilal Qazi, originally from Bahrain, has made a unique name for himself there and even in India as a marketer, blogger and, moreover, as a young entrepreneur in the digital space.

His journey began in 2013 with blogging, and his goal to make a splash in the networking and blogging industry has helped the youngster walk to consistently work towards fulfilling his dream of becoming the most sought-after marketer and blogger in the industry.

He worked in hotel management at Rizvi College, but his heart was leaning towards networking and blogging. To listen to what his heart was looking for, Bilal Qazi bought a domain name and began his expedition to develop his career and make money online, where Adsense became his first monetization method.

He immersed himself in additional marketing and, thanks to his blogging skills, got the opportunity to work alongside many celebrities and ad agencies.

Bilal Qazi wanted to explore the food and marketing niche, and today his persistence and hard work has helped him get into the food industry as a blogger, where he is satisfied with working on himself and supporting other brands in the market.

Working with many top brands and collaborating with celebrities lit a fire in him to inspire people with his work, so he got into the food industry and has flourished as a marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur ever since.

He has worked with big names and top brands in Mumbai and Bahrain and is rapidly progressing as a marketer, social media specialist and digital influencer.

This is also the reason he won the Business Manager Award and the Best Manager Award at Channel V India Fest Goa. Bilal Kazi’s hobbies, besides networking, also include investing and cricket.

He has truly become a source of inspiration for many other young talent who want to replicate a success like him in the industry. Find out more on his Instagram account @

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