Bessie Lee-Cappell: Overcoming Obstacles to Children’s Inventions

If believing in yourself and the path to success could inspire others, then Philadelphia-born Bessie-Lee Cappell would be a pioneer in setting an example of what overcoming barriers can look like.

Bessie Lee-Cappell, one of seven siblings, mother of three, inventor and patent holder for the bib, and owner of the Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company, joins many other black women who have become inventors, few of whom belong child patents. products.

Bessie Lee-Cappell is no stranger to breaking obstacles. She is the first generation in many areas of her life. She was the first of seven children to graduate from high school, college to graduate school and the only child to receive a professional license (social work). Bessie Lee-Cappell doesn’t let obstacles get in her way.

Her first invention, the Baby Brush Bib, came to ease her frustration when she was a mother’s washing bottle. There is nothing worse than washing bottles and spraying water with a brush, including all of Bessie Lee-Cappell’s work clothes. Well, she found a way to fix it. It is a flat, protective silicone barrier around the bottle brushes to prevent apron every parent faces when washing baby bottles. Thanks to the material, they are lightweight, easy to clean, and even more so to store.

The savvy businesswoman she is known for knew the importance of paying attention to mums and dads by making the product available in both neutral and light colors. The decision to have a gender-neutral product line has become a standard at her company.

Since her first invention, she has added other innovations to her product line, and this has caught the attention of the reality show Derricos family. In the upcoming season of the show, her products will be featured on TLC’s Doubling Down with the Derricos.

TLC’s Doubling Debt with Derricos follows Deon and Karen Derricos and their 14 biological children. It’s no surprise why they chose Bessie Lee-Cappell’s Baby Bottle Brush Bib Company for their baby care needs (and let’s face it, mom and dad care too). Committed to keeping children safe, parenting comfort, and family happiness, Bessie Lee-Cappell ensures that all of her products are FDA-approved, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly.

Bessie Lee-Cappell currently offers several products that you can purchase, from her tassel bibs, pacifier pacifier and elephant clips to mom and dad T-shirts and simple bibs. For all baby products and more information about the company, visit the website by sending an email to [email protected]

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