Benty’s Incredible Journey to the Recording Academy (Grammy)

Today, many musicians begin their passion for art at a very young age. The same can be said for the artist, producer, composer and music director of 6Land Music Group, Bantey.

From the West African country of Nigeria, music has always been something to keep his family together, and the creative person quickly took up the hobby. After all, as he learned instruments and often singing with his family, his abilities only grew.

At the age of four, he quickly began to learn to play the piano and soon after that began playing the drums. Several years later, he learned to compose music and devoted himself to learning how to compose music at the highest level.

Throughout school and college, Banteay continued to develop his abilities and knowledge. After college, he worked as an associate producer and finally began releasing full albums.

After that, Banteay, along with his musical career, opened his own production company. The ability to record and produce music at the highest level allowed Bunty’s personal musical career to flourish. Bantey currently has a single on Spotify with over 264,000 streams to date, and the artist has accomplished much more, but nothing more than what has happened recently.

Banteay was one of the few to become a member of the Grammy Recording Academy. The artist says he is “honored to be one of the 2,701 recognized music professionals selected by the recording academy as a member. It is very important to have a say in whatever industry it is in.

It is very important for me to be a new member of the Recording Academy because representation matters. It was a lifelong dream and it finally came true. As an immigrant, this is even more interesting because I can bring diversity through race, genre, culture and much-needed attention to music education. It is also a great way to pay tribute to the music and its creators. “

This is a great achievement in Bantey’s career, but he is not going to stop there. Much more music, among other things, goes away from creativity. Keep up with Bantey at the links below.

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