Benny Nisanov, designer and creator of small handmade and bespoke jewelry, impresses all the celebrities on the A List

Benny Nisanov, popularly known as “Benny Da Jeweler,” is a 30-year-old jeweler whose amazing personal creations have won countless artists from first-class products. His jewelry is primarily focused on the trendy hip-hop genre. The product range ranges from gold chains, pendants to watches.

Originally from New York, Benny took up this business with his father, the elder Nisanov. He was a renowned jeweler for almost two years before passing it on to his son. Thus, Benny’s greatest inspiration and idol is his father, who taught him everything.

Since then, Benny has run the business reasonably well for eight years. Five years earlier, he even opened his first store in the Almazny District. Its high quality products have attracted celebrities such as Pop Smoke, Diddy, Mary J. Blige and French Montana. Since then, his customer base seems to be increasing.

Benny is known for his signature on top of a shiny and vibrant design specially crafted for VIPs. There were many examples. A few months ago, Benny made a custom $ 100,000 diamond pendant for Lil Tjay, a renowned songwriter and rapper. However, don’t mistake this for a complete transaction. The total ruin, including money spent on other items purchased, was about $ 250,000.

A similar incident happened to another famous client, Mary J. Blige, who is also a singer and songwriter. However, Benny’s most expensive product sold is bought by an anonymous source. It was about a quarter of a million dollars.

Benny became famous for his high quality jewelry, which not only satisfied his customers, but also impressed them on a completely different level. His constant hard work in the industry has earned him a respectable reputation and the trust of well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry. For example, Diddy is not the type to trust anyone with his expensive spending on personalized diamond jewelry.

However, he fully believed in Benny, which is why he offered him this job. While Benny may not be the only luxury jewelry he visits, he is a fairly regular customer and has even convinced the entire Combs family to make their jewelry with him.

Each piece is created in-house by Benny, and he mainly makes custom pendants. However, he also designs diamond watches, rings, chains, bracelets, etc. To learn more about Benny Nisanov and his creations, visit:


Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler

Email: [email protected]

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