Behind the artist SKULLY SKULLZ

At what age did you realize that you can rhyme and compose a song?

I knew at least by the age of 16 that I could do it, that I could do it just like the guys on TV and what I hear on the radio. It’s like 2011, so at this time I was heavily influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Drake and Wiz Khalifa.

How has your mental health affected your career as a musician?

This bothered me very much over the years, it seemed to me that I was not growing fast enough. As artists, we sometimes find ourselves in dark places where it seems that you have all these skills and talents, but there is no light to use if it makes any sense … It’s like giving to someone the possibility of X-ray vision, but they are blind. pointless, right? (laughs)

How has growing up in Kenner City, less than 10 minutes from New Orleans, influenced your growth in the music industry?

I can’t fully say that it affected my height because Kenner’s artists made their way. We constantly overlook any industry official who is in the New Orleans area, we rarely have a chance, even for artists directly from the main city, I feel like they don’t have a good chance either, you should know we have a city entertainment, but not the music scene, if that makes sense. The promoters brought artists from different cities, but they never singled out the artists of their city at the openings … crazy, right? only in New Orleans.

If you could report with any three artists right now, who would it be and why?

Lil Baby because I feel like I made up a dude like I watched him climb on some shit, I told a lot of people that he could be “New Lil Wayne” on a different level and the year goes by and memes say the same thing, deff is in my top 3 to work with. Then I had to tell Drake, the instant hit is enough. My third choice should be Jesse Reyes, weird right? No, the creativity and distortion in her voice is what makes it magical, she definitely needs her on a project like YESTERDAY!

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