Beauty and makeup artist Emma Johns wants you to make your fantasy come true

Emma Jonnz has earned a reputation for her transformative makeup tutorials and life advice. The beauty and makeup influencer often posts Instagram and YouTube videos about various beauty products with her audience. She gained popularity online with her videos, which went viral and inspired countless others, resonating and echoing in her thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Yonns is the queen of makeup – of course when it comes to makeup – and this charismatic video blogger knows how to create trendy, bold and highly enviable makeup looks. From striking flawless concealer coverage to neon eyelids, Jonnz knows how to recreate some of the trendiest makeup looks.

A Youtuber and beauty expert who has been outspoken about her experiences as a transgender person constantly speaks of underrepresentation in the beauty industry in general. Johns is one of the beauty experts who has garnered critical attention, and in a short space of time has been compared to YouTube bloggers Nikita Dragoon, Jeffrey Star, James Charles and Nikkie Tutorials.

Yonns’ genuine approach to tackling the lack of diversity in his industry quickly pushed her to expand globally. She has posted videos on makeup tutorials and applications, and also posts cosmetic brand reviews.

This Italian native has amassed over 25,000 Instagram followers in a few months, and they don’t just tune in to learn how to wear their day-to-day, beauty essentials. The personality is as colorful as her makeup lessons, and her charming accent really makes her stand out from the thousands of beauty bloggers. Best of all, she’s not afraid to make mistakes, act a little silly, or push the boundaries of beauty, and as her fans, that’s what we most admire about this bold makeup diva.

As she continues to dominate the arena she has created, Yonns may face new imitation competitors or more traditional competitors who adopt her tactics. But with her unique approach to each video and her ability to offer valuable solutions to her audience, she likely won’t be leaving anytime soon.

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