“Be the best leader!” – Aaron Regev gives advice on inspiring leadership

“I’ve stumbled enough throughout my career to know it’s better to win a little bit than chase the impossible and retreat to the starting line over and over again. Do not be greedy. Instead, always be content. ” – Aaron Regev

Forbes says boring leaders can wreak havoc on any organization. “They disrupt interactions and increase the turnover of their subordinates.” And even a simple “mid-performance upgrade” can make a big difference.

But what does it take to become an “effective” leader? Can you learn this skill?

Find out below from an interview with Aaron Regev, Sales Manager for Total Home Protection, about the benefits of building a free-thinking team and what it takes to be the best leader you can be:

When did you decide to pursue your current career?

Aaron Regev: Literally speaking, it would have been the time I spent without work before joining the THP team, but more on that later. I think my beginnings as an entrepreneur began in 1970s Brooklyn. I had to learn to be an entrepreneur like everyone else, but I got some head start because God gave me parents who believed in hard work and humility, and made me believe so.

What do you mean by unemployment leading you to a career? What’s the story?

Aaron Regev: Well, the company I worked for before collapsed – me and everyone else who worked there were out of work. In short, after that I had to quickly put my affairs in order. In the end, I needed to support my family. And that led me to become a leader in the home warranty company that I work with now.

Could you tell us a little more about your current career? What exactly are you doing?

Aaron Regev: My title at work Sales Manager… I teach everyone on my team to be the best salesperson and manage the day-to-day responsibilities associated with ensuring our customers receive the best possible support.

How are you going to educate others in your industry?

Aaron Regev: My leadership style can best be described as “tough but fair” – something I learned from my parents, who taught me that sometimes you have to be strict to get your point across and ensure that mistakes never happen again.

Where did you get your leadership qualities from?

Aaron Regev: Many people. My parents, of course, including. But I’ve also had many professional mentors (who have guided me throughout my career) over the years, as well as day-to-day role models that have inspired me (like my current boss, THP CEO David Seruya) to get better. … leader.

What is a GREAT leader for you?

Aaron Regev: A great leader must be able to inspire others to think for themselves. This is the only way to build a great team. This characteristic is difficult to describe, but as a leader you must be able to inspire confidence and independence in your people.

This means that you have to work with them directly and teach them how you will achieve your goal. This means listening to their ideas and taking them into account in your work. This also means that your doors must be open so that if they ever flinch, they know that you are back to clean up the mess.

What advice would you give your team that you think might be helpful to others?

Aaron Regev: I tell people over and over again: get education! I don’t mean just schooling – there is a lot that you cannot learn in school. I mean going to market and working with real people for or above real business. This is the only way to truly work on the skills you need for the career path you want to take.

How about some advice for aspiring leaders?

Aaron Regev: If you ever find yourself in the same place as me, when you are new to this position, but still took a leadership position, my advice is “always be content.” I learned this from my grandmother. I didn’t know what she meant when she first told me about this, but the words ring true after years of experience in a leadership position.

This means being “happy” with what you have – mind you, this does not mean that you have to calm down and stop chasing your dreams. But it really means celebrating your success. I’ve stumbled enough throughout my career to know it’s better to win a little bit than chase the impossible and retreat to the starting line over and over again. Do not be greedy. Instead, always be content.

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