Bad credit will no longer be a headache for first-time home buyers thanks to new service from Legacy Credit Partners

When it comes to buying a home, many Americans find it difficult to get financing due to their bad credit history. This results in families and individuals trying to get their first property because they cannot get approval for a loan or mortgage. Shalada, a former UCLA basketball player, and her husband Chris, a former Alabama football graduate, saw people grappling with bad credit and decided to form Legacy Credit Partners to help their community.

With the pandemic hitting personal finances last year, poor credit ratings are holding people back, and a significant percentage of eligible buyers receive below average credit scores due to their payment history and debt-to-credit ratios.

Legacy Credit Partners is changing all of this with its new process to help people overcome credit scenarios that keep them from moving forward when buying real estate or large individual purchases like a car.

With experience in corporate account management and several years of industry experience,

Shalada Harris has developed a simple step-by-step process that people can use to start analyzing their credit history right away.

“There are no two people with the same credit scenario, but I have found that this process can be used to correct the most common and unusual credit situations,” Harris said.

Legacy Credit Partners encourages people to get started by checking their current credit score using various tools like IdentityIQ and Experian. They can then monitor their account with free apps like Credit Karma to give them an overview of their current credit situation.

After people get their financial overview and history, they can use the services offered by Legacy Credit Partners to help them with various issues that could negatively impact their overall score.

Reflecting on the challenges many buyers face, Harris noted, “Your credit rating is made up of your payment history, the amount owed to use the loan, the loan term and loan portfolio, which are all factors. We found that a large percentage of eligible buyers do not understand this formula, which is used to determine your FICO score. This score determines whether you will be approved by the house or the low interest rate on the car. “

For buyers with low FICO ratings, there are several ways to address this issue through the Legacy Credit Partners process. By identifying inaccuracies and acting as a liaison between the lender and the client, Legacy Credit Partners helps to correct these poor credit ratings.

“Millions of people have inaccurate bills and information in their credit history, which makes their credit scores below average,” Harris said.

Strictly adhering to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, Legacy Credit Partners has helped thousands of clients navigate poor credit ratings over the past 5 years and have allowed them to rebuild their credit history.

Legacy Credit Partners recently announced several new option levels that will help clients recover their credit history in as little as 45-90 days, depending on their individual circumstances.

With the US economy expected to recover this summer, optimism has rekindled in the housing market and buyers have the opportunity to make their next purchase.

Have you checked your credit score to see how you are doing?

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