Ayush Patel’s hobby took him to the top

Someone correctly said: if you want something from a pure heart, you will definitely get it. Yes, 19-year-old Ayush Patel is a certified ethical hacker, Red Hat Certified System Administration and a Self-published author who today gave himself a different identity.

He is the founding father of Ayush Security Solutions, a full-service IT security company based in Lucknow. At the age of nineteen, he is the author of 2 books entitled Social Media Marketing Trends of 2021, based on Digital Marketing and The Republic of Hackers Handbook, maintained by Cyber. Security.

Ayush Patel is from a small town in Lucknow County, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his studies by the 11th at the Sankat Mochan Public School in the city itself. But in high school, he only got 59% of his 10th final exam grades.

When he was studying mathematics in 11th grade, his teacher told his father that he was not even allowed to study art. But after a while he received mathematics, and at the intermediate level, unfortunately, received the department of mathematics.

According to Ayush Patel, in the 11th grade, his interest in cybersecurity declined.

Ayush Patel not only provides consulting services to many corporate companies, but also provides online training for international students. Along with this, he also conducts video courses on ethical hacking, cybersecurity, computer forensics, and the darknet.

Ayush is inspired by Dr. APJ Kalam and believes that there is nothing more noble than helping someone fulfill their dream and build their future, and that is what they do.

They believe that there are times in life when we feel that in difficulties we need to give up everything. But life is full of challenges, refusals and failures, and these challenges and struggles give them strength to solve any problem and enthusiasm for learning new things. This phrase has always inspired Ayush Patel.

Ayush Patel became the youngest system administrator certified by Red Hat.

Ayush Patel recently passed the Red Hat RHCSA v8 Global Exam at the age of 20 to become the youngest sysadmin. In an interview, Ayush talked about his journey to becoming Red Hat Professional.

Ayush told us: he signed up for this course in 2019, he started learning Red Hat Linux, from the basics to the advanced example: user management, firewall, disk partition, etc.

He told us that it was not easy for him to study along with other subjects. Ayush worked daily from 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm to hone his Linux skills. He scheduled his exam for April 12, 2021, he was ready to take the exam on the first try, Ayush said, solving the issue of cracking the root password on the exam, one of the Linux machines crashed, but at that time he did not know about it, he was happy and thinks that his exam is now passed, but the truth was different. An hour later, the results came by email. He failed! 160 ratings out of 200.

Ayush Said, he was shocked to see the results, which were completely broken at that time. He motivated him and said: Ayush, you have the ability to pass exams. He prepared for the exam again and scheduled it for June 1, 2021. Ayush told us that he was very nervous during the exam, he lost touch 3 times during the exam, fortunately, he solved all the questions in 1.5 hours after he received the results by mail an hour later. This time he passed the exam 230 out of 300. Ayush always says that failure is the first step to success.

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