Author Mitu Chopra says don’t stop until you reach your destination

She is Mitu Chopra, daughter of BSChopra and Late. Kiran Chopra is B. Ed’s 4th semester student living in Madhya.

Pradesh (Jabalpur). She is 25 years old and a good student as she scored a good percentage both at school and at the college level. She also used the word “Topper” in her school years. She loves to write poetry. She has a BCA (Graduation) from Saint Aloysius College and a Cs (Postgraduate) Master’s degree from Aloysius College (Jabalpur). She is from a small family.

She also founded a new startup called MD PUBLICATION. Her initiative was to provide the best services for all writers at a reasonable cost. She also works under the direction of JEC PUBLICATION as a project leader. She also works under the management of RSP as a project coordinator.

She hardly does her business. Her motive is to learn new things and collect information useful for her development.

Achievements / Awards: –
1. Won 25+ writing contests.

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