Aurora Rosselli, an Italian celebrity from the USA, has announced her participation in the Med Photo Fest in Sicily.

Aurora now lives in the United States, but she was born in Sicily and is located in Italy, where her deep love for the art world comes from. She studied and graduated in art at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania, which gave her a solid foundation for her vibrant career.

A turning point in her life was her move to the United States of America, where her work ceased. As an artist, she was invited to exhibit her work throughout the United States at various exhibitions in Hollywood, where she was able to meet Hugh Hefner (Uncle Hef, as she used to call him), who wisely advised her to return to dedicating herself to life. the photo.

In the blink of an eye, she became a celebrity on television, taking part in the cult TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” establishing a wonderful friendship with Kim Kardashian. When I wrote that trying to put Aurora in an adjective would mean belittling her talent, I was referred to this …

In fact, she is the author of Vogue Italia and Cosmopolitan, an influencer and Instagram star, and an entrepreneur for her brand. Eclisse Creazioni Art and Photography

Of course, one of Aurora’s greatest pleasures was that her work was featured on Time Square billboards and was an integral part of the digital exhibition at the Louvre in Paris and Scope Miami, which are still a source of joy and pride to this day.

On the art side, this October, Aurora will return to her beloved Sicily for the Acherontia traveling exhibition at the Med Photo Fest. It was during this period that Aurora is working on the content of the exhibition, which will be in black and white, based on a series of self-portraits named after butterflies. A charming, romantic and dark theme, like Acherontia, they are nocturnal creatures attracted by the light, which is the main cause of their death.

Despite the danger, butterflies continue to move towards the light that attracts them, showing determination and faith, and Aurora tries to apply this concept to her photographs. Aurora loves self-portraits and portraits, which are her trademark. In fact, she took a lot of self-portraits early in her career because she wanted to see herself from different perspectives.

As for the portrait, the relationship that is created between her and the subject is something unique and magical. Each object creates a story by itself and will never be the same as the previous or the next, as Aurora wants to photograph the object in its essence, and the pose instead descends to a lower level, always stopping at the light coming from the eye, as far as they are a mirror souls.

We are very curious about the work that Aurora Rosselli will be presenting at Med Photo Fest, and we can’t wait to talk about them. Aurora Rosselli is a true entrepreneur who has managed to turn her passion into a successful job, ideally combining work and personal life.

The bold decision to leave what was known and dear to her, Italy, into an unknown future, the United States, has proven to be the most successful choice, teaching us that getting out of our comfort zone and taking risks can open horizons that we can never. could imagine.

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