Ashish Mandal: One of the most successful tech bloggers to believe in his passion

Ashish MandalHe has held a diploma in mechanical engineering for 26 years, but what makes him special is his technical knowledge, especially related to gadgets and technology. His writing flair, blended with passion, has made him one of the most successful tech bloggers in West Bengal.

Its website attracts millions of users for its latest and greatest information related to computers and mobile phones. His site is one of the most visited tech blogs.

Ashish Mandal belongs to a middle-class family from Islampur, West Bengal. He was an ordinary student with a curious mind. He always wanted to know the detailed characteristics of the latest computers, laptops and mobile phones, but as a little boy, he had no idea that his passion was leading him in which direction.

Like any other middle boy, he completed his education (diploma in fur. Eng.) And began working in a private firm. While working, he learned about blogging and how to make it a successful profession. He started practicing blogging and became perfect in more than a year.

Ashish says: “I have thoroughly researched how to write blogs that attract the right and good traffic, I also studied a lot of all the latest mobile and computer technologies, which is my passion anyway.” After working for a year, when he felt confident, he quit his job and very soon launched his own website,

His blogs reflect the depth of his knowledge. Ashish says: “Blogging is not as easy as people think. It’s not about getting a few points and being successful. Hundreds of people blog in every niche every day, but not all are successful. It is very important to understand what information and how to provide. Timing is also extremely important because in the fast-moving digital world, information becomes obsolete very quickly.

Submitting a well-planned tech blog includes both art and technology. There is a lot of competition here too. It’s kind of a job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but I like it because it’s my passion, and self-employment gives me a sense of freedom and adventure. “ provides information on the latest features of all the latest gadgets from brands like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, BenQ, LG, Sony and more. Every blog is a piece of technology-based art.

This is the reason that Akashic income has rapidly grown to five figures. He advises: “Blogging is for everyone, provided that you know how to do it right and make it profitable.”

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