Artist Phil Miller’s musical journey and new single Beautiful

For many artists, the first musical instrument they receive when they are young is what gives rise to lifelong passion. The same can be said for up-and-coming country artist Phil Miller. When he was only three years old, his grandfather bought him his first musical instrument – a harmonica. And as the creator matured, he only continued to embrace and develop his passion and love for music.

Phil Miller was heavily influenced and respected by his older brother Charles Miller, as he himself was heavily involved in music. As a child, Charles played drums and Phil always wanted to accompany this by playing guitar and singing. So, when Phil was nine years old, he learned to play the guitar, and it eventually morphed into singing and playing guitar at the same time.

While at college in Colorado, Phil began writing better songs and sharing them with his brother, friends, and other family members. His older brother went to music business school and knew some of the songwriters he shared with Phil, which led to Phil releasing his first songs to the world.

In 2018, Phil Miller released his first EP “Jamaican Sun”, consisting of just three songs. Since he released three songs from time to time, he was relatively quiet in this department. But this year, the artist is taking things up a notch. Phil plans to release at least six songs, two of them have already been released, including his song “Beautiful”, which was released on May 28th.

“Beautiful” is a great demonstration of what Phil Miller has to offer as an artist. The song showcases Phil’s exceptional vocals and guitar playing skills. As an independent artist, Phil goes to great lengths to piece together this slow country jam masterpiece. Expect the same, if not better quality music from this future country star.

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