Arnez Reed, aka Skooldagoon, is promoting his brand in cinema and targeting Hollywood.

Dreams can only come true through hard work and passion. To achieve true long-term success, you must devote a significant amount of time, do disciplined work, have a vision filled with faith, and be willing to endure pain.

People can become prisoners of their dreams, and by the time they become aware of reality, everything will be gone. Making a dream come true is a risky endeavor, and often requires the position of a lone wolf. With no formal education and no specific business plans, you will come up with fantastic roadmaps.

Lack of formal education and vague business plans lead to fantastic roadmaps. But having the right knowledge and under the guidance of a reliable leader will definitely help you to take a strong position in any field of activity.

2017 was not a very successful year for musicians. Roughly 12% of the $ 43 billion generated by music went to musicians in 2017. This means that 90% of the art is business, and 10% is music, which was difficult for musicians to digest.

Many uncertainties, dangers, betrayal and invaluable trials await aspiring artists on their journey to the greatness of hip-hop. For an aspiring artist, trying to navigate the music business requires execution and precision in the style of the Navy Seal. One mistake can ruin or cripple the artist’s future.

Arnez Reid, aka SKOOLDAGOON, an entrepreneur and major recording artist, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and musicians in the hip-hop industry. Even though SKOOLDAGOON was born with three strikes, he survived and capitalized on every failure.

Founded in 2020 by Arnez Reid, KITCHENTALKMUSIC, LLC includes a record label, a clothing line, television and film production, and a non-profit organization. SKOOLDAGOON is an IMDB Registered Film Producer and has several music projects scheduled for release in 2022.

Philadelphia-based KITCHENALKMUSIC has additional offices in Atlanta and Miami. Like most independent creators, SKOOLDAGOON releases limited edition films, TV shows, and documentaries exclusively through Amazon Video, Google Play, Plex, iTunes, and some streaming platforms.

The pain of confinement is still fresh in Skuldagun’s African American mind; he faced discrimination, brutality, social injustice, racism and personal trauma.

However, despite his suffering and setbacks, SKOOLDAGOON never gave up his faith and became the Black King of hip-hop music with exceptional management and production skills. SKOOLDAGOON understands the difference between a marathon and a sprint. SKOOLDAGOON identifies with a higher calling in life, and manifestation is ultimate destiny.

SKOOLDAGOON is a global brand consultant for RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.

RADIOPUSHERS is the leading music monetization agency for millennials. RADIOPUSHERS is an internationally recognized organization.

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