Ariel Carr: 4 lessons learned during the pandemic

Arielle Carr is a digital sales expert and real estate agent based in Virginia who uses her social media presence to improve financial literacy. She is also known as the “Money Selling Agent” and has launched many online courses and ebooks aimed at helping young entrepreneurs monetize their Instagram accounts.

It took her just 90 days on social media to earn over $ 100,000. Now that 2021 is in full swing, she shares the top lessons the pandemic has taught the world that are just as relevant even today.

With a shield or on a shield

“I always tell my students that they cannot always follow the traditional routes. Although traditional routes may work most of the time, sometimes (for example, after a pandemic) they need to look for alternative routes, ”said Ariel Carr.

The pandemic has removed the ability to stick to old habits that worked until 2020. It became necessary to adapt to changes in protocols, and everyone was pushed out of their comfort zones. As a result, small business owners around the world have become more entrepreneurial and resourceful in their operations.

Do more things

“If anything, this pandemic has undoubtedly shown people how risky the idea of ​​having only one source of income is. A simple 9 to 5 job won’t do it. I told my students to diversify as much as possible, and this is more important now than ever, ”said Ariel Carr.

In her Instagram monetization course, Carr teaches her students how to properly apply social media platform strategies that can help them earn even up to six figures. Multiple streams of income are the only way to move forward. “I’ve helped countless people create additional earning opportunities,” Carr said.

We build together, we earn together

Business can be an individual matter, but being the sole breadwinner of a family can also be a hindrance. “Many families failed in 2020 because they were dependent on one person and one source of income. I want to teach people to create a shared workspace where several people can simultaneously implement different methods to make money. This prevents any obstacles, ”said Ariel Carr.

Be prepared for uncertainty

It seems that these days the only thing that can be said about the future is that it is unpredictable, so it is very important to be well prepared.

Ariel Carr added: “While it may seem difficult to plan for the unexpected, there are some important concrete steps you can take right now, such as creating multiple streams of income to better prepare for future emergencies.”

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