Anuradha Prasad, a writer from India, talks about her journey and inspiration

Author Anuradha Prasad talks about his writing journey of what it’s like to be a woman writer in India.

“More and more women are breaking into streams that are extremely energetic and purposeful. If you take journalism, it is extremely tough and competitive. It takes a lot of energy and courage for reporters to travel to unknown, divisive territories to tell stories that are not considered women’s business! At the same time, women have always dominated writing as a craft. It is seen as a female field, as are the professions of doctors, orators, professors, teachers, dancers, models, actors, singers or nurses. “

“Nationalist literature about the struggle for freedom or inspiring literary expression or storytelling, the women of India have dominated it for decades! On the other hand, spot reporting is still a masculine realm, not because it needs a lion’s heart, but because it needs to travel to distant or distant places.

dangerous places often! At the same time, women today are making great strides in all areas of our country! Whether it’s army, politics, engineering or piloting! We have truly entered the 21st century cauldron of gender superiority and equality. Feature film authors and editors are mostly women today, ”she added.

Speaking about her breakthrough in writing and publishing her books, she states, “As a woman, have I faced the challenge of writing breakthroughs? No! But as I said, women have a difficult challenge to take care of their families and spend this precious time away from home. It looks more like a natural design for gender matching. “

She continued, “Women need to keep a balance at all times! Returning to my story, writing and publishing was more important to my recognition than recognition as a writer. I didn’t have gender superiority to prove in this area, to prove my point! My earliest memories of writing were when I was 6 or 7 years old, when I was writing poetry after school. The poems were lost in time when life happened. “

The writer in me now and then raised a creative head. An inspirational note here and there, a thought-provoking article, a revolutionary outpouring for a flagship magazine shot through my pen. I am happy to share that I have never faced the hardships of a struggling writer. My work easily got into publications.

Dr. Anuradha Prasad also shared her writing inspiration. “Daniel Steel! I had read all of her books by the age of 10. Thanks to my mom (she was a teacher), my reading habit developed at a rapid pace. She had a small library of books at home, which I read diligently when she slept after dinner. Thus, I have been reading all genres of books since I was 7 years old.

My mom got a novel on the day she read her afternoon siesta before taking a nap, and the books were mine after she slept. From an early age I read adventure, adult novels, rom-coms and crime thrillers! She hid her books after I was caught reading Herold Robbins one day, but I was smart to find them nonetheless. I chewed every word and encouraged him to read. My favorite books by Daniel Steele are The Ring and The Stranger in the House.

What inspires me is her simple writing style and language. How a ten-year-old “I” could awaken the depth of emotions and descriptions. “

The author talked about her next literary work: “My next book is about being the best you can do. Also, we are not demigods in relation to the parental roles we play for our descendants! We are human, so we can be wrong. The images of the super mom, super woman / super parent that we women are endowed with are all the expectations of modern life! Mothers are mothers like ordinary people. Parents are normal personalities. The book has an exciting background of anticipation that sets it apart from others. “

She shared her favorite lines or quotes from her books and that she is happy, she decided to write: “You cannot change yourself. But you can be what you strive for ”from“ Two Winters and 365 Days ”. “These are dreams that make you big or small. Dreams that give strength to live! Raghu felt like a king! His dreams made life in such a rat hole exciting! This is from “Homecoming” and “Everyday Heroes” – these are the people whose names are engraved in golden words on the pages of history? Or, like you and me, who have just set an example with your occasional good deeds? from “Raindrops and Caterpillars”.

In 2014, the author wrote “TWO WINTERS AND 365 DAYS”. The name caught attention and it was an instant hit. The second book, released in 2016, was called Homecoming, and the third, a collection of short stories released in 2018, Raindrops and Caterpillars.

Anuradha Prasad is an artist, speaker and author. She has worked and published thousands of articles in leading newspapers and magazines. She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Mumbai and has been on the cover of Times Westside Plus and several notable publications.

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