Anik Khashmani: reliable programmer

In 2015, as the world witnessed the growth of cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin, Ether Leum, and more, Young Man was developing programs to monetize these currencies.

Meet Anik Hashmani, the brain behind cryptographic scanning programs. Millionaire, who is over 30, Anik has taken a worthy place in the world of programming. The work of Web3 and python has made it a glider in cryptographic schemes. One of the respected names in the industry, Anik Hashmani is also the owner of Bitasia, which is backed by an undisclosed venture capital firm.

His decision to invest in apps he developed for other crypto platforms ultimately paid off. Today, his investors look to him with respect and invest to augment their crypto wealth.
Working on Ethereum platforms and creating the best software has been the motto of his professional life.

Anik currently resides in Saitama, Japan and has an extensive client base around the world. His clients from distant countries such as Morocco, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and India receive his advice through social media apps such as Telegram.
“Do what you do best, and the money will follow you,” says this trusted programmer.

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