Andrew Peck’s Secret Tools for New or Experienced Trusted Consultants

Sometimes organizations or individuals are faced with difficult problems that they cannot solve internally. To deal with this, most of the time, organizations or individuals hire a consultant to find the best way to solve the problem. The disruptions and changes taking place now affect organizations, businesses and individuals on a massive scale. As a result, they need outside help, and when talking about outside help, they usually turn to a consultant or consulting firm.

Consultants are people trained and experienced enough to get the job done. How can consultants keep up with the pace in a very dynamic consulting world? What can they do to achieve the results customers want? Here are some of the challenges that consultants face in striving to stay relevant in the consulting industry.

Do not worry! There is someone who is willing to help consultants and guide them to improve the level of their consulting game. Consultant Consultant Andrew Peck has provided consulting services to thousands of consultants, organizations and entrepreneurs.

Andrew knows all the intricacies that help turn a consultant into a reliable advisor. He is a globally renowned authority on innovation, design thinking and entrepreneurship, and the founder of Consulting Unplugged, which focuses on developing the strength skills of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers.

Today Andrew will share the secret tools a beginner or seasoned consultant needs to become a trusted advisor.

The main components of consulting

Consulting is a conscious and disciplined process of providing and advising positive and significant clients and their situations. This is Andrew’s definition of consulting over the years. For Andrew, great consulting is built on three pillars of real customer impact.

According to Andrew, the most important person for consultants is their client. Clients are the lifeblood of the consulting business. “As a consultant, it is inevitable to keep an eye on the problems, hopes and dreams of your client. You need to know and, most importantly, understand the needs, situations or problems of the customers, ”explained Andrew.

The second is disciplined. Andrew believed that consultants should apply structure, methods and professionalism to ensure consistency of results. “I couldn’t overemphasize the importance of results for any consulting business. Clients will hire you because they want results. This is why investing in how you apply your trading prowess and attract customers will determine how well you get results, ”he said.

The third is positive and meaningful. “As I have defined it, positive and meaningful impact on clients and their situation,” explained Andrew, consultants are seen as agents of change in the organization.

This is why the consultant’s results should have a positive and meaningful impact on his client. “You provide insight and inspiration for action and results that come in many different forms, such as business benefits, innovation, new products and services or experiences for their clients … and potential rewards for your client’s career or professional goals,” he continued. …

Tradecraft Consulting

Andrew said that as with other professions, consultants need to have the requisite professional skill. What is craft? Trading is your “superpowers”, know-how and magic combined to make a positive and meaningful impact on the other. In this way, Andrew provides other consultants with the key skills they need to succeed in relationships with other people and / or their clients.

Tradecraft strategy

Andrew said that as with any business, strategy is critical to success. Trading strategy is about understanding your competitors, being able to outsmart them, and being creative and sometimes smart about achieving your ultimate goal.

Tradecraft design and innovation

Andrew said that design and innovation is a disciplined and repetitive process of moving from ideas to ideas and implementing them. “. Design and innovation begins with defining a problem, and then through a systematic process of discovery and idea development, a desired, doable and viable solution to the problem emerges. “he continued. He added that effective design and innovation means the consultant will need to empathize with his client (and his problem), putting himself in his client’s shoes.”

Functional excellence

Talking about operational excellence, Andrew said it always comes down to quality and value. There is a relationship between quality and cost. Andrew explained that quality depends on brand and user experience.

On the other hand, Andrew added that costs are related to the profitability and efficiency of the process. “A reliable consultant understands the tension between quality and value. You will help clients identify gaps and recommend solutions that balance them. Your recommendation should take into account the whole system, not just part of it, ”he continued.

Tradecraft Organization

Andrew explained that when dealing with organizations, a trusted advisor needs to understand what an organization is. He characterized organizations as composed of complex systems, cultures and structures that are constantly changing, but in most cases poorly coordinated or organized.

“As a trusted consultant, you must help the organization manage quality and cost effectively by considering the best ways to develop formal hierarchies and processes in conjunction with informal culture and more freely defined processes that drive growth and innovation,” he added.


Andrew invites budding and seasoned consultants to Consulting Unplugged online courses to get them started with their consulting game. “Right now, the world needs qualified consultants, change agents and facilitators who can help individuals and organizations solve unpleasant problems and come up with new solutions that will have a positive and meaningful impact. The Consulting Unplugged program is your ticket to learning how to make a positive and meaningful impact, ”explained Andrew.

Learn the secret tools to become a trusted advisor with the help of consultant Andrew Peck.

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