An inside look at the life of award-winning actress Anjali Bhimani from the second season of the Netflix special

After renewing for another season, the second season of the Netflix Special was released on May 20, 2021. The Emmy-nominated comedy is a touching semi-autobiographical show that tells the story of Ryan Hayes (created and played by Ryan O’Connell). ), a young gay man with cerebral palsy.

Special was an instant hit with fans who connected with the show’s authenticity and creativity.

“So many things [Ryan] Anjali Bhimani, an award-winning actress and special cast, shared. “It tells the story of trying to find independence, your unique voice and learning to mark your own path. Finding your greatest life.”

For Anjali, her fascination with the show started when she was a member of the audience when she fell in love with the first season of Special after its first release in 2019. “I missed the first season,” she laughed, “so when I found out they were Choosing Mom (Poonam Patel) for the second season, I knew I had to play the part. And then when I got it, I was so excited to be a part of it because it really is so … well … special. “

As a theater and screen actress, Anjali has had a multifaceted career, ranging from Broadway to feature films, television, video games, animation and original online content.

The flamboyant and talented artist throughout her life shares her career path that led her to amazing experiences, such as the recent work she did with the cast of Special, giving you an insider’s look at what life is really like as an actor.

Scene 1

For Anjali Bhimani, this was the most rewarding, challenging and character-developing experience of her life.

“It’s a constant journey,” Anjali shared. “I’ve been in this industry for over two decades, and one thing I know for sure, at least for me, is that if you want to be in it, you need to set aside other people’s expectations of what success looks like and achieve success. your own definition for yourself. “

Anjali’s worship of the entertainment industry began as a child, when she fell in love with storytelling and performing. In first grade, she wrote short plays, one of which she recalls led to her pantomime exercises all day after her friends did it with her in front of class. “I don’t know if at this age you can call it directing as much as coercion,” she recalled cheerfully.

“Some kids really want to stand in front of the class to perform and have fun. I have always been one of those children, Anjali recalled. “Towards the middle of high school, I realized that this is what I can really do for a living. As soon as I realized that I know that I want to move in this direction. “

Armed with a passion for performance and a renewed sense of acting as a viable career, Anjali enrolled in a prestigious theater program at Northwestern University: “The more I did, the more I enjoyed doing in and after school. It doesn’t matter what genre or environment – musicals, plays, dances, literary adaptations, improvisation, ”she recalled. “I just said yes to as many possibilities as possible – I didn’t care what medium I would use to tell the stories, I was just happy to tell them.”

Anjali’s open mind and willingness to seize new opportunities has led to many experiences and achievements. To date, the actress has appeared in more than 30 theatrical productions, including longtime Broadway’s Metamorphoses and Bombay Dreams by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in several films such as last year’s Evil Eye and All My Life, in countless television series and voice acting many. characters from various video games and animated series, including the blockbuster video games Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Her diverse skillset has allowed her to perform with some of the most famous names in the industry, including Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie, and Julie Bowen and Ty Burell in Modern Family.

A combination of passion and purpose

Despite the actress’s success in the industry, she admits that things haven’t always gone smoothly. “I think a lot of actors are hesitant at different stages in their careers and wonder, ‘Maybe I should just go and do something else? “. It was a pretty constant trip for me though. There was always something that supported me, made me say yes.

“For most of my career, I didn’t even think about quitting … although there was a very brief moment around 2014,” she recalls. “At that time, nothing really happened, despite the fact that I worked incredibly hard and fidgeted.

“I remember drinking coffee with my manager Kaylee Wankata, who is also one of my best friends, and expressing my feelings to her. She looked at me and said: “Anjali, usually when people tell me that they feel this way, I tell them not to rush into action to figure it out. For most of them, this is the right thing to do. But you’re too good, you can’t quit smoking. We’ll find a way. ” At that moment, her unchanging faith in me was enough to immediately tune my antenna.

“This is why it is so important to find people who set the bar high for you, accept you as you are, and believe in you even when you may not. I think this doubt lasted for maybe 24 hours, but I just needed to remember what I already knew … that you shouldn’t quit when you’re open to your success and look like more than just what one thing. “

After this brief moment, Anjali overcame any doubts and immediately returned to her acting career.

“What really allowed me to get through this moment was that I changed my mind about the work I was doing,” she shared. “As we travel through art, we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to define what we are doing as one particular thing. We need to drop these expectations and diversify our sources of creative and personal satisfaction. You should not and should not seek your satisfaction only in your work.

“I am so lucky because in recent years. I combine my passion for storytelling with my goal to instill passion and enthusiasm in people in their own lives, to help them find their own unique paths and talents, and see how special they are. My passion and purpose are more and more intertwined.

With the internet and the connectivity we have in the world these days, it’s so easy to connect with the very people who watch these shows, plays and films that we make. We hear from them what is happening in their lives and how they are influenced by stories. This is a great chance to take people on a journey that they might not be able to take in their lives – taking them with them to a great game, show, or movie. They have experience even if they don’t need to live it, and it’s really wonderful to be able to give it to them.

“The moments when I feel the most lost or depressed — not only at work, but in life — are the moments when I’m up here,” Anjali said, pointing to her head. “I forget it’s about telling and sharing stories and connecting with others. I’m not interested in doing this or anything else if it’s just for me and what I get from it. It’s not as enjoyable as sharing it all with others. ”

Since she changed her outlook on her work, Anjali’s career has skyrocketed. She believes this change in mindset has allowed her to gain more roles than ever were available when she approached her career with her own needs as the driving force.

Anjali Bhimani’s beautiful words of wisdom apply to many aspects of life, from career to friendship and family. Let’s all remember:

Set aside the expectations of others and focus on what we want to achieve Surround yourself with people who inspire you Diversify your sources of satisfaction Live a life of service

You can feel the vitality of Anjali Bhimani and the infectious joy in her role in Special Season 2. Her grace, wisdom and energy shine through in each of her works, and her example is a sensational example for life.

To find out more about Anjali and her previous work, as well as her upcoming performances, visit her or @sweeetanj on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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