An easy chair: the upcoming masterpiece of renowned Indian writer Nishta Srivastava

An easy chair – For the rest of the years, a novel that has already begun to inspire expectations in the minds of readers is written by award-winning writer Nishtha Srivastava. A rising name in the world of Indian literature, she began her career as an author with her debut novel, Rakshabandhan, which was released on August 3, 2020, and in a short span of less than a year, the novel received various ratings.

Known for her unique style of fearless writing, Nishta is not afraid to loudly discuss taboos. In her narrative, the most delicate topics are chosen, which are rarely discussed, but have a huge impact on humanity. Nishta, being a keen observer and emotional writer, announced her next romance in the same manner. The book market is expected to enter the market in early July 2021, Nishta dedicated this story to the antiquities in our homes and the soldiers at the border.

The idea of ​​reading a book about grandparents with a pinch of love stories already excites readers from all over the country, and Nishta is gradually revealing the beans. She has not yet revealed the detailed concept of her creation, but says that she wrote a story that reminds the life of every teenager and will remind elders of their adversity.

Coming from a very traditional middle-class family, she is fortunate to have lived her age perfectly with her parents, grandparents and brother. Nishta has studied the culture of Indian society well and is happy to share it in her stories.

Nishta has woven this story not only for fun, but also in order to convey this faint awareness necessary for this hour, and with her weapon, which she considers to be the strongest, she wants to move the mountain like hearts. She goes on to say that she knows we are all running towards a life of fun and we are glued together, but when the day ends and she sees her family sharing the dinner table together, she gets inspired to write more stories like this to keep her happy. the lives of everyone else.

Her second novel is highly anticipated and a must-read to see what a book about grandparents might look like. There are huge expectations from the author in the near future, as she has not kept herself in the world of literature, but also rises on the international stages and causes great admiration to represent India at the upcoming Miss Asia International’21 in Dubai. in the coming month of August.

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