Amoré King effortlessly juggles rap success and entrepreneurship

To become a successful rapper in 2021 requires a lot more than just rap. Long gone are the days when the A&R label was looking for you simply because you are a “cool” MC. In this era of strong analytics, you have to create songs, distribute them, shoot visuals for them, and then sell the songs.

All of this, of course, is done in order to build a fan base large enough to attract the attention of major labels. According to rapper Amore King, it’s okay. The more work, the more knowledge. And knowledge is leverage.

Amore King is an American rapper who got his start when his song hit WGZB B96.5 FM in Louisville. The song was entered into an on-demand competition, where it usually played opposite songs on a daily basis. The song won and received so many requests that his song got into regular rotation.

This was followed by several singles, national radio appearances across the country, tour dates, and regular courtship from major labels. But there is not enough leverage to build partnerships. Today Amore is thinking of forming a partnership for his label The Immaculate Ones AV with major distributors of wigs.

During his musical journey, after witnessing fraud by impostors and people claiming to offer services, Amore King decided to launch the Dope Tho platform. Dope Tho is a national news and music publication. They have a healthy love for indie artists and give tips on how to be successful in the industry.

The Dope Tho contributing team, recently a Google Accredited News Source (Bree Rene, King Acklin, DJ Suspence and El Sugg), is expanding the brand to new heights this year.

So how does Amoré King balance everything that has to do with being a successful artist and producing news stories at the same time? According to Amore, this is his faith and God, and there is a strong team behind you. Music flourished when Amoré King released his first single “Nights in the West” in over 2 years to positive reviews. The major wrote about the song, radio and more in just 2 weeks from its release. All this time, the Dope Tho brand is getting bigger and bigger. If the work Amore does with music and his business are an indicator, it looks like he won’t stop even after he closes the partnership he’s working on.

For the latest news from Amore King, follow him at @Amorekingtio on Twitter, Spotify or Instagram.

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