Amanda Boleyn shares her 5 tips for starting a podcast for free

The podcasting landscape has grown dramatically over the past couple of years, and this surge in popularity has reshaped the online media landscape, providing so many opportunities for passionate creatives to pursue their ideas and ride the wave.

What was once considered a super niche hobby has now become a mainstay of the media, and now is the time if you want your voice to be heard.

Especially during the period of COVID isolation, people are looking for something and someone to contact, to meet and learn. Podcasts fulfill this role because you can participate in an intimate, inspiring conversation, a banter jam session, or a knowledge-filled masterclass at the touch of a button!

Podcasts have so much potential for connecting with people, and the barrier to entry to launching your own podcast is so low that anyone can do it; if you have a microphone, an idea and a voice – you have a podcast!

Amanda Boleyn is the founder and owner She did it her own way, a podcast and platform that teaches women how to start, scale, and succeed in building a business from the ground up by taking the leap from the corporate office to the self-employed.

Originally launched as a podcast in 2015, She Did It Her Way has become globally recognized as one of the best resources for women entrepreneurs looking to take their passion to the next level.

“She Did It Her Way” has consistently been featured in the rankings of, Forbes,, Huffington Post and others, with over 2.8 million downloads to date.

Amanda has helped hundreds of women grow their businesses and mobilize their passions through her own services, and has inspired countless others with the weekly podcast content she has been creating for her audience for over 6 years.

It’s safe to say that Amanda knows a thing or two about starting a podcast, and she has provided some easy-to-learn tips to demonstrate how easy it can be to launch your own podcast!

5 tips for starting a podcast

Know your ideal listener

Like standard market research methods, identifying your target audience and understanding the challenges they face (and how you can help them) are essential to the growth of your podcast. Building this virtual profile of your ideal audience and comparing it to your own strengths will help give you a visual purpose and focus that you can aim for when creating your podcasts.

Creating a content calendar

Plan the first 6 episodes of your podcast ahead of time. You can decide in advance if it will be a solo show or an interview so that you are ready for when the time comes to record, and do not rack your brains in search of topics to cover!

Recording your audio

You don’t need a massive professional studio to record a podcast. Free software like Courage and Increase are ideal tools to get the job done. Learn the basics of these apps, then just take some time to record and sit comfortably behind the microphone. The technical details will come with time, the main thing is to record your message!

Preparing Show Notes

You can write your own show notes, or Iinvest in a software tool like It will save you hours of your time. and you can create handy smart notes for your podcasts. You can use such a tool for a wide variety of useful applications, such as turning your current voice note into a written note that you can return to later.

Create graphics for your show

Applications like Canva incredibly great for creating illustrations, not only for your show, but for all your promotional materials. You don’t have to be an epic graphic designer with a degree in Photoshop to do this. You can create professional looking graphics with just a few swipes!

You can check out many episodes of Amanda’s podcast. She did it her own way across all podcast streaming platforms; Booklet maker, iTunes and Spotify… If you would like to level up your side hustle and bustle, contact Amanda Boleyn through her Web site, or on social networks Instagram and Facebook Today!

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