Alonzo Pierce Benefits From Today’s Blockchain Trends

Alonzo Pierce – President of ISW Holdings, Inc. (ISWH), a portfolio company specializing in using proprietary digital platforms to increase market share in the blockchain ecosystem, encrypted mining business and e-health services. Born in San Francisco, California but raised in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Pearce is the Outstanding Footballer of Jack Yates High School in Houston, Texas. He won and received a full scholarship to study sports majors at Baylor University. A soccer student who went through dire adversity while studying at Baylor won the David Prize. In 1991, Alonzo was selected to the Hula Bowl All-Star team and won all of the Southwest League awards.

He spent in the NFL as an undrafted free agent for the Houston Oilers. Over the past two decades, Pierce has helped several charities raise funds. He also received the Truitt Christian Theological Seminary Foundation (Baylor University, 2019). He plans to study full-time at Truitt’s Theological Seminary, where he hopes to receive an education. Master of Theology (M.Div.).

He spoke about his business in one interview. He said: “The core of our company is blockchain technology and infrastructure. Bit5ive enables us to operate in the blockchain space with maximum efficiency while delivering cost savings to our end users. As the global financial markets become more decentralized, Bit5ive uniquely positions us as the market leader in this area.

In this light, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After a short stint at the NFL, I worked as a consultant for a super-regional bank in Cincinnati, Ohio. My job there was to help professional athletes find financial support in their professional career. I will soon be transitioning from a consultant role to a full-fledged partnership with one of my former clients and teammates in the liquor industry. We have developed several super premium brands targeting the wealthy, including in partnership with MetLife Stadium. However, we faced significant challenges in managing and tracking inventory. Our solution to this problem was the creation and development of VOLUM (patent pending). VOLUM is an industry leading supply chain management company that takes advantage of blockchain technology by streamlining the supply chain process. VOLUM is looking for companies with disruptive business models and compelling revenue stories, favoring those with intellectual property. VOLUM has an overarching strategy to bring synergistic companies together into a portfolio that will benefit from each other or from a common infrastructure and, if possible, a single token for blockchain-based operations. ”

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