Alive Enterprise is on the verge of dominating the recording industry in the Caribbean.

Business Mogul and entrepreneur Astyle Alive are famous all over the world. Astil Elive is the founder of Alive Enterprise, a media management agency dedicated to producing music and finding new talent.

Alive Enterprise was founded not so long ago and has already become popular all over the world. In December 2020, the company released a disc with dancehall and reggae performer Dynasty The King, a famous name in the dancehall genre.

The name of the released album is Yo Sabia. Yo Sabia is the upbeat reggae title of one of Astyle Alive’s Ruff Life Riddim. ” According to listeners, it has a catchy melody and has matching funky rhythms. This release drew critical acclaim from the public.

Astyle Alive shared in one of his interviews that Ruff Riddim is his first musical project in over ten years! And when asked what inspired him to create such a masterpiece after so many years, he mentioned his one-year-old son.

“Once I was playing with beats and suddenly my son was very happy. He started dancing and wanted to take part in what I do. In a sense, this is a job for him. “

Astyle Alive’s Ruff Riddim was released worldwide on December 4, 2020 and is now streaming on all major platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and SoundCloud.


From Yo Sabia, Astyle Alive worked on another project called “The Bangers” – two songs. The first LP, called Skillibeng “Alien”, is set to be released on Alive Enterprises. Skillibeng, the performer of this track, is currently one of the most popular dancehall artists in Jamaica.

Jahvinci’s other record, Popular Demand, will also hit the streets soon.

Closing Notes: Astyle Alive has been featured in various newspaper outlets such as Disrupt, Yahoo, and Forbes. His new firm, Alive Enterprise, is currently looking for new talent that will usher in a new era in music. Subscribe to @AstyleAlive, @Alive_enterprise and visit for other releases.

Here are some more links to Astyle Alive and the Alive Enterprise label:

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