Alex Feinberg talks about the importance of mental health

Alex Feinberg is a Gulf native and his career is interestingly marked on the chart: he started out mostly as a baseball player. The next step was to work at Google, then in cryptocurrency, and today he became a financial and technical expert.

As the saying goes, “If your roots are strong, you always continue to grow and expand, never settle for less.” Alex is also firmly entrenched on the field playing baseball.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task, and Alex has achieved success not only diligently, but also smartly. He says: “It’s not always about working hard, it’s also about charting your path to achieving goals faster, even if it’s the shortest path, and if you feel it might work in your favor, accept it, and if you are not sure, do it. ” risk, it will give you experience. What experience teaches you, no man can teach you “

“Whether you have a job or a business, your focus should be on finding a solution, not a problem, because a solution is what must end the problem. To make it always work, I learned one thing that I learned on the field – that the main thing is to be mentally healthy, not physical. “

Alex just untangled our minds with this tip, and it’s certainly great for a teen, adult, working person, or entrepreneur.

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