Alan Longo surprises fans and digs deep with his new hit “Memory”

Alan Longo from New Jersey just debuted his new single, “Memory” – and an emotional rollercoaster awaits listeners, both sonically and visually.

While the track feels rocky at first, easy to listen to, once you get immersed in the lyrics, you start peeling off layers of story that are hard to hear. The song covers all the complexities of drug addiction – from euphoria to addiction to danger – and it manages to beautifully capture all the basics in its accompanying music video.

A track-like video leaves a lot to be interpreted – and if you want to dive deep enough, a powerful message. Visually, we follow Alan Longo on a trip in which he mingles with a beautiful woman, falls too deep, and in the end, well, you might just have to see for yourself. Remember, what lies beneath the surface is the key to this track. Both listeners and viewers will have questions, answers and a single that they will not be able to get enough of.

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