Alaa Scheuer, the rising star of Egypt

Alaa Scheuer has won hearts with his beautiful performance in Egyptian television series. He is widely known for his spectacular performances in Nesr El Said or The Eagle of Upper Egypt as he is called in English (2018).

Alaa is one of the rising faces of the Egyptian film industry known as the Hollywood of the Arab world. He also won several awards early on in his career.

Who is Alaa Scheuer?

Alaa Scheuer was born on October 15, 1992 in Cairo, Egypt. The 28-year-old actor has starred in television series, web series and commercials. Alaa was passionate about acting and cinema from a very young age. He has always participated in the school play, won several awards related to theater and culture.

Alaa loved to be at a time when all eyes were on him, and he could express himself as freely as possible. Growing up, Alaa graduated from the American College in Greece with a Bachelor of Media degree. He always tried to be more practical in media and entertainment and began to communicate with prominent figures in the Egyptian film industry.

He also earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Innovation in Contemporary Media from the American University of Dubai. While studying in media and entertainment, he learned to confidently face the camera and the fundamentals of the film industry.

Before starting his career, he completed more than seven international acting workshops in the UK, UAE, USA, Greece and Egypt. Traveling to these countries and meeting people with different views in the film industry helped him gain a clear vision. Although he studied a lot and learned about filmmaking and acting, he believes that training will never stop.

His early career was not an easy walk for him. But he was fortunate that the first scene of his career also featured several legendary actors who have starred in over 600 Egyptian films. He feels humiliated to be part of the Egyptian film industry, which is considered the Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood of the Arab world.

Alaa Scheuer was part of the blockbuster series Nesr El Said, which gave him a huge boost in his acting career. The series is one of the first milestones in his career. Alaa got the opportunity to work with Egyptian superstar Mohammed Ramadan, who has a huge following across the Middle East. This series really introduced Alaa Scheuer as an actor to a wide audience.

In addition to films, Alaa starred in several TV series and serials. He was part of Khat Sakhen (2018), which also featured Syrian superstar Sulaf Fawakherjit. Alaa Scheuer was critically acclaimed for his performances and dialogues with the delivery office on the show. He is currently working on several upcoming projects, namely 9th Street, a new series.

Along with his acting skills, he is an absolute wizard and is known as the Brad Pitt of Egypt. Like Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy, he is working to become one of the most versatile actors in the world.

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