Ajkune Ahmedtaj is the first famous Albanian hairdresser to create its own signature hair coloring and hair extensions

About Aykun Akhmetadj

Akhmetai is the famous and very first Albanian hairdressing salon that was able to develop its own signature hair dye, shampoos and lipstick. Most people rely on their salon and see it as a source of comfort in their personal care. They also keep professionals in the salon and provide people with valuable services.

early years

Aikune Ahmetai was born in Kosovo and moved to Switzerland a few years later. There she began her career as a hairdresser, and also studied for three years in hairdressing courses. At the end of the course, she opened her first salon in Switzerland.

Family trip

When Akhmetaj opened her salon in Switzerland, thanks to her experience in the field, she quickly became known as a professional Albanian hairdresser. In 2017, she announced that she was trained in hairdressing by renowned hairdresser Munir.

The blonde began collaborating with famous celebrities, among whose singers were Elvana Gyata, Kida, Taina and Dafina Zekiri. She became famous for her expertise in coloring, haircuts, and facials. Through Ahmetadj’s satisfactory work, she inspired many singers and stars and they started heading to her salon to get their perfect job.

Ajkune’s collaborations with several celebrities and musicians have made him a leader in the hairdressing industry. The blonde hairdresser Ahmetaj has also worked with celebrities well known to the public. This includes,

Kida Dafina zekiri Tyna Alvana Gyata

She also started her workshops on creating and providing hairdressing and dyeing salon management skills for the passionate people. Over time, the industry of Ajkune Ahmetai has grown and it is now a huge industry called Ajkune Professional GmbH.

Ajkune professional GmbH industry

Ajkune professional GmbH was founded in 2015. The owner of this industry is Aykune Akhmetai. Ajkune professional GmbH is based in Switzerland and usually deals with hair care services. All offices of Ajkune professional GmbH have only three employees. This industry generates approximately $ 165,300 in sales. This country completed its 6 years and became popular in a very short time. No branches.

Akhmetadzha training and professional development program

Now, thanks to her expertise in building, dyeing and dyeing, she has decided to open her masterclass program to the hobbyist and must share her experience and knowledge with people who want to become hairdressers or master the technique of hairdressing or dyeing. … She also allows them to work with her if they master her lessons and work like professionals.

Her continuing education and training team consists of professionals with the experience, knowledge and skills to train people. Ahmetadja’s master class teaching team allows their students to hone their qualities and learn according to their passion, and also empowers them to provide their valuable services to people as soon as they master them.

In addition, Coiffeur Ajkune offers and invites upon completion of their full training, allowing them to learn the techniques and work with their team of professionals and experts.

Aikune’s influence on social media

Ajkune has made a splash on social media in recent years with celebrities and musicians providing top-tier hairdressing and facilities. According to

Ahmetaj, social media is now a powerful marketing tool – something that ajkune professionals own. On social media, students learn about their use for learning. Thanks to the efforts of Ajkune and the latest style of his brand, he is becoming a topic of discussion on Instagram and in many newspapers.

The owner herself has a huge following and a network on social networks, where about 1.2 million fans follow this blonde on her Instagram. Ajkune brand professionals have amassed about 376,000 followers on this social media platform.


Aykune Akhmetadzha’s industry is growing rapidly. There is a huge crowd of females. This is the center of modern hairdressing. The industry is now partnering with other hairdressing providers. This industry has grown thanks to the enthusiasm of its owner Ahmetaj and her expertise in her field.

The industry also plans training and skills development programs for passionate individuals and strives to empower their clients to have the same passion and profession. This industry helps many to make a living and gives them the opportunity to learn hairdressing with experts.

This industry has a bright future and is still well known in most countries. Its owner, Aykune Ahmetaj, dreamed of developing her industry, so dreams come true.

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