Actor Soham Pavaskar founds his digital marketing agency, The Blue Dot Media. Here are the details!

One thing that has skyrocketed amid the COVID-19 pandemic is the growth of online businesses. The growing demand for digital marketing has resulted in many companies making good fortunes. Actor Soham Pavaskar, who previously made headlines for his Marathi debut film Rajmudra, has founded his own digital marketing firm called The Blue Dot Media. By offering a variety of services including online marketing, content strategy, brand campaigns, artist management, and public relations, the entrepreneur emphasizes the need for businesses to transition to modern digital services. “Most brands and companies use digital media to reach their target audience. I believe that this number will increase in the near future, ”said Mr Pavaskar. What’s more, Soham even stated that social media has been a game changer for millennials and teens. We’ve seen small brands and even luxury brands increase their sales by partnering with micro and macro influencers from a variety of categories. Speaking of this, the digital entrepreneur said, “Young minds are leveraging creativity to help brands easily communicate their message to audiences.” Although Soham founded the company during the lockdown, his startup already has many clients from different industries. Whether it’s entertainment, business, politics, or fashion, his company serves customers by helping them strengthen their digital presence. The experience he possesses is the result of his hard work and networking during his corporate career at an artist management company. Since the launch of The Blue Dot Media, Soham Pavaskar has been striving for excellence, and his work rightly speaks of himself.

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