A look at Jerrika Cox and her journey to creating Wi-Fi wealth

Wifi Wealth, a popular name associated with Amazon FBA, is a leading company that builds, optimizes and operates multiple Amazon FBA stores.

The woman with decades of experience in online marketing and e-commerce is none other than visionary entrepreneur Jerrika Cox. Now she has decided to share her success story as an entrepreneur and her dream of achieving financial freedom.

Another foster child, Jerrika Cox, never let the fire go out in her soul. She decided to get out of this and become financially independent, which led her to a full scholarship at a private university in Seattle. After graduation, she took a basic 9-5 job as an accountant at Boutique Law Firm.

However, Cox had other plans. She decided to use the earnings from her job to start her own business, instead of working as an accountant all the time. Its first business venture, e-commerce brand Nutraceuticals, failed to flourish and was shut down within months.

Although she failed, she did not give up hope. The immortal fire in her soul led her to found several companies over the next few years, such as an internet marketing firm, a social media marketing firm, a rebuilding contractor, and two e-commerce-based CBD brands.

From building an internal culture to delivering quality customer service, it has been a great learning experience for growing forward-thinking entrepreneur Jerrika Cox. This helped her create and launch Wifi Wealth, a company that provides clients with streams of “made for you” passive income. The concept of Wifi Wealth was to help others experience the comfort and security that goes with financial freedom.

She felt that Amazon FBA was the perfect way for her to help others achieve financial freedom through its stability and resilience.

As an entrepreneur, Jerrika believes that the biggest challenge in starting a business as an entrepreneur is the willingness to take risks. The risk is extremely inconvenient, as is the establishment of processes and procedures. It’s always a challenge. She experiences anxiety during the first few months after the launch of a new product.

After all, she doesn’t want any of her clients to suffer from a process or procedure that hasn’t been perfected yet. To cope with this sense of risk, she tries to form a positive attitude, always looking for learning opportunities in every experience. No matter how unpleasant or unpleasant it may seem, there is always room for growth if you are looking for it. Asking yourself, “How do I help others today?” is one way to maintain a positive attitude.

According to Jerrika, delegation of authority and hiring is the secret to scaling her business. She delegates all tasks that are not specifically suited to her skills and puts the right people in the right positions in her company. Her company does not have square pegs in round holes, and she also believes team building is imperative.

For all of its employees to work towards a common goal, it is imperative for success. When hiring, she evaluates both the job skills a person possesses and his personality to ensure that it is in line with the corporate culture.

Even though she went through a very difficult childhood, it is definitely something that may be responsible for her drive, resilience and commitment to success. She knew that education is the only way to a better future, so she seriously took up educational activities. Today, all of her efforts have paid off and she has truly made her dream of financial freedom come true.

Unlike other entrepreneurs who want to retire when they reach a certain age, she believes that retirement is not an option for her. The reason is that she has created passive income streams that allow her to make money even in her sleep! Her ultimate goal now is to put her company, Wifi Wealth, in a position where it will be known for providing financial freedom to anyone who wants it.

Finally, she advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take risks, even if it may seem difficult or inconvenient.

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