8 ways to outperform your competitors in 2021

First, to clarify the situation, I firmly believe that the only person we have to compete with is ourselves. Having said that, I am not going to mislead you and say that competition in business does not exist. Undoubtedly. It’s important to study the competition to see what works, what people are saying, and how you can improve. I want to re-emphasize how important it is not to compare yourself to others, but simply to find out what you can do to become the best.

When it comes to attracting paying customers or buyers, your brand is positioning matters more than anything else. People want to work with a trusted, respected and knowledgeable expert in their field who can deliver real results. With a constantly high level of competition and an all-time low level of trust, how can you ensure that you are the person people want to work with in your industry? So, here are my 8 easy ways to outperform your competition.

Professional photography

Personally, I can tell in an instant if someone is investing in their personal brand. Creating an aesthetic image for potential clients builds trust as they see you value their image. Invest a couple hundred dollars in professional photography to create a great brand image and first impression.

Press and articles on Google

“Hey, have you heard of Jeff Bezos?” “No, let me google a quick … Wow!” Despite the fact that social media has evolved a lot, good old Google is still a popular place to do research. Many business owners underestimate this, thinking that because they have a great offer or product, they “don’t need” it.

Imagine for a second that you and one of your competitors have approached a potential customer. They both googled with dozens good press articles for your competitors, and for no one. Naturally, who do you think they will choose? Social proof is one of the strongest psychological biases known to mankind, used by all leading companies and brands to position their brand more profitably than their competitors.


Why has the podcasting world experienced such explosive growth over the past decade? Free value. Podcasts are a great positioning tool because by participating in a podcast you are an authoritative expert offering advice and value to your audience. The largest people in any industry participate in dozens of podcasts. If you don’t know how to get on the podcast, join my free Facebook group to learn how.

Interesting and authentic content

Nobody likes boring content. Get creative, experiment with what works and what doesn’t, and then double it down. There is more buzz on the web now than ever, so the people who grow up are unique and offer value in a different and more engaging way than others. Use short videos, videos, and creative graphics to grab attention and engage your audience.

Phenomenal copywriting

In fact, it goes without saying. If you have amazing copywriting skills, when you might have potential clients filling your inbox like a tsunami, your competitors won’t stand a chance. This goes for all your platforms: social media, websites, social content, and even emails / suggestions. In my opinion, if there is any skill in business, it is copywriting.

Aesthetic social profiles and branding

I’m sure you’ve seen some social media profiles and thought, “Wow, their profile is awesome!” I assure you, this is no coincidence. Many people argue that all you need is a good offer and your brand doesn’t matter. That’s kind of true, but imagine if you had a world-class brand and an insane offering? If you don’t know where to start, canvas it is the perfect resource for all kinds of creative branding and graphic design.

A clear why

As Simon Sinek says, Start with why People don’t buy what you do, they buy what you do. If your “why” is making money, then your potential clients will feel it from a mile away. If your “why” is to influence and change the lives of others, you will attract the clients you want and show the world that you have a value-based purpose.

First-class customer experience

Last but not least, create a world-class experience for your customers. Not only does this produce great results for your clients, but it also gives you a sense of satisfaction as if you know you have done a great job for them. It will also ensure that your clients become enthusiastic fans and be sure to tell all their friends how good you are. Always think long term, and never cut costs that can reduce the quality of customer service, as it will cost you word of mouth in the long term. If you provide the best experience and results, your competitors won’t stand a chance.

So, you have my 8 tips on how to outperform your competitors. If you are an internet marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur, I highly recommend applying these 8 tips to help you become the most famous, loved, and influential in your industry.

Want to learn more about how to become the number 1 authority in your industry, amplify your message, and fill the front page of Google with press? Visit our site is here and chat with myself or one of my team today.

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