6 ways to use PR

So, you are one of the lucky few who has been approached by the media or has been recruited by an agency. Congratulations! But what now?

First, to clarify the situation, many people have their own PR assumptions. Some people think that as soon as their first article comes out, they will be teeming with new potential clients.

This can happen, but it is quite rare and comes down to several key factors. Anyway, before speaking to a new prospect or potential client, I always lay out the basics of what PR looks like and the typical results to be expected in both the short and long term.

Aside from the invaluable value of more authority, authority, and credibility, most fail to realize that there are several key ways to leverage your articles for maximum impact and impact. Some of them may seem obvious, some are not. Here are 6 ways to leverage your PR for maximum impact and results.

1. Website banner or Garden logo

I am sure that you have met Web site or two that have an “as seen in” or “shown in” section above the fold. This is for a very good reason, as most top marketers know that social proof is the strongest psychological bias when it comes to marketing, which is why people love to use big names as trust in their own third party. Not only that, but market research shows that it can increase website conversions by up to 45%. Be sure to post any logos of the platforms you have been featured on as well as a link to them so people can easily find them.

2. Email footer

A little less obvious, email footers are another great way to use logos. Whether you are texting or simply chatting with potential clients, seeing this logo subconsciously tells them that you are an expert or an authority. Whether you’re looking for, tracking, or establishing a new connection, using an email footer to highlight your features in the press can be the difference between a yes or no from a prospect.

3. In your ad

I hate to sound like a reserved record here, but social proof is one of the strongest psychological biases known to mankind. One of the ways many companies have started using their articles is by both placing logos on their images and videos as a template interruption to grab attention, or placing ads directly in their article to show their target audience that a trusted source is recommending them. Job.

4. On your social profiles

You will be amazed at how much organic cravings you can get it by simply sharing your press functions on your network. I have had countless clients telling me that their article posts broke their previous engagement records. It also shows your audience and potential customers who are following you that you are serious about your business.

5.cover photos

If you run any business on Facebook or LinkedIn, you know there is a lot of buzz here and it can be difficult to stand out. Part of your branding should be to include a “As Seen” section in the cover photo so people can tell right away that you are a trusted expert in your field.

6. Submit to your mailing list

If you are lacking in content or just want to make a name for yourself on your mailing list, let them know about your recent feature. If the article offers them any value, they will consider you an even more expert and more likely to reciprocate doing business with you. If they weren’t sure about buying from you before, they will be sure about it now.

Here are my 6 key tips on how to use your PR and articles for maximum impact, impact and results.

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