5 ways to use toll free numbers in France for your business

France is a business-friendly country with one of the largest markets in Europe (and the 6th largest economy in the world!).

It is also a popular tourist destination that attracts more than 85 million visitors annually, representing almost 10% of the country’s GDP, and has expanded its policies to continue to attract foreign investors.

If you have always wanted to do business in this country, but are not ready to move abroad, it is worth setting up a free phone number in France. At the very least, this way you can establish a local presence – receive calls from French customers – without having to relocate your business.

What are toll free numbers in France?

To put it simply, a toll free number in France is a dedicated telephone line that allows subscribers in France to contact your company free of charge.

These numbers are widely recognized as toll-free in France and usually start with 0800 or 0805

Best of all, one of these numbers dedicated to your business allows you to manage your calls from anywhere, from any mobile, landline or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

How do they work?

Toll-free phone numbers have helped millions of small startups and large enterprises connect with their customers.

When callers dial a toll-free number in France, the call will be automatically redirected to a landline, mobile or call center elsewhere and will not be charged. Instead, you pay the bill, which gives both existing and potential customers an incentive to contact your company.

With a toll-free number in France, you don’t have to worry about missing out on important business opportunities or your customers not being able to reach you while you’re on the go. You simply choose which device the calls are directed to.

How can your business benefit?

There are many ways that free phone numbers in France can benefit your business, and the fact that customers and potential customers can call you for free is definitely one of them.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should consider getting one of these numbers:

Increase the credibility of your business – Having an 0800 or 0805 number assigned to your business indicates that you are reputable and professional. The opportunity to test your products and services in the French market before moving there. Provide your French customers with a reliable communication channel by encouraging them to get in touch. Improve Customer Satisfaction – Knowing that they can call you with any questions or inquiries, without charging international rates, is great from a customer perspective. It also means that complaints can be dealt with effectively and can help your company build long-term customer relationships. Toll-free numbers are portable, so you can route calls anywhere and to any device. But more importantly, once you become the owner of the number, it remains with you so that you can use the same number, even if you move or change providers.

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