5 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Branding with Stickers and Labels

With an increasing number of online sellers, from established brands to startups and drop shipping stores, it is becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd. With custom boxes and packaging often requiring a sizable minimum order and associated costs, it is often more economical to get creative and use stickers and labels to customize more versatile packaging and even branding for your products. Here are five ways to use stickers to boost your ecommerce brand and stand out from the crowd.

Packaging labels

Adding your logo to regular packaging is critical to building a strong brand identity. Stickers are a great alternative to full printed boxes, with lower cost and more flexibility to update your boxes or bags at any time.

If you’re design savvy, you can create truly outstanding product packaging from standard cardboard boxes and vinyl decals – just think outside the box (sorry for the pun). Metallic stickers will also add luxury to your packaging if you are in the more premium segment of the market.

Free Stickers & Sticker Sheets

Brands have used stickers as a promotional tool for years. Why not add some free vinyl decals to your product that the customer can stick on to their product, car, laptop, or whatever. Your client gets something for free, and you get a promotion – everyone wins!

Even Apple has added logo stickers to many of its products over the past decade. Die-cut stickers are a great option for this as they can be cut to any size and shape – perfect to add to just about any product. Decal sheets are also a popular option, offering your client a choice of decals on a neat branded sheet.

Product branding

If you buy and sell generic products, it’s worth adding your own brand. Stickers are a great way to do this. For example, hard luggage often has a small blank panel specifically designed for your logo – you’d be insane if you didn’t use it!

Sticker printing is available online for as little as $ 20 for 100 stickers, and you can brand an entire batch of products for virtually no cost. Metallic stickers are also great for branding more expensive goods or electronics, as well as localized safety warnings and button labels.

Bag stickers

If your product comes in an envelope or bag, it’s a good idea to add a sticker to seal the bag. It can be a great option for stationery, candy, chocolate, or anything else with bulk products. Paper labels are great for this, or metal stickers will give it a sleek look.

Graphics product wrappers

Graphic wrappers are a great, inexpensive way to add fresh designs and limited editions to your existing product line. Take reusable water bottles, for example. You can have a range of different colors, but by adding graphic wrappers, you can create short series of more complex designs or branded bottles for events or special occasions.

Vinyl decals are great for product wrapping – look for durable, permanent adhesive laminated vinyl and measure your product size carefully to ensure a snug fit.

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