5 steps to deal with too many emails

Each company is defined by its culture of work. However, any work culture or business model involves email. Email offers a structure for a work culture, reinforcing it. Regardless, there are still too many emails as they can overwhelm working professionals. At the same time, most people would agree that too many emails can completely hinder productivity. However, there are certain methods that can help you reduce the number of emails. You need to accept the idea of ​​a zero mailbox as it can reduce the load on too many emails.

5 tips to reset your mailbox

Use extensions and software: If you want to achieve zero inbox, the use of extensions and software is a must. There are many different email management programs available on the market and each serves a different purpose. For better email management, we recommend tools like EmailAnalytics, Mailman – the fastest way to get a zero mailbox, Gmelius and others. Email management software may operate separately from your email software. At the same time, email extensions work in your email software. Some of the extensions you can try are Boomerang, the FlowCrypt Gmail extension, and Simple Gmail notes.

Sort them: The main problem with too many emails is the load they bring. Processing a large number of emails takes time and patience. In this case, filters can come to your aid. Many email programs, such as Gmail, have the ability to set filters to sort emails. You can use filters to separate emails by sender or urgency. This is a very effective email management strategy as it helps you sort and respond to those emails.
Service and delete: If you are having trouble sorting emails, sorting is useless. You can process each email immediately or later. However, this depends entirely on the time it takes to complete each task in the email. If it takes you a minute to complete a specific task, do so and delete the email immediately. A time-consuming task can be scheduled at a later time for better email management. If you require an email for future use, please archive it. These emails take up less space and make your inbox easier.
Unsubscribe: Many emails in your inbox can be deleted. It consists of emails from newsletters, product alerts, and more. They are unproductive and you might even give them up. You can use Gmail extensions like Gmail Unsubscriber, HelpNinja and Unroll. I am in favor of better email management. Although, if you need these subscriptions, then create a separate email id for them. This will help maintain a zero working mailbox.
Make a to-do list: Emails can be converted to tasks as this is the most strategic task. This will reduce the number of emails you receive, and it will take you a few minutes to type a reply. This strategy will save you time and improve your productivity. You can download email management software like ToDoist and Trello as they work really well as project management tools. They will turn your emails into assigned tasks and also send you reminders.


Email is an important part of our daily work life. As such, it’s important to have an email management strategy that helps you serve them effectively. These are the best tips for working with email and achieving zero inbox.

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