26-year-old businessman Derrick Coleman shares secrets of how to keep paycheck for paycheck and lifestyle for business prosperity

Pay-to-pay lifestyles are common among American households, where traditions are established and often followed without considering alternatives due to stressful lifestyles that leave few opportunities to venture off the beaten path.

For 26-year-old entrepreneur and business coach Derrick Coleman, creating his own rules and earning income on his own terms was essential to the lifestyle he envisioned for the future. Having achieved these goals for himself, Derrick now helps others achieve them. Here’s how!

Derrick was born in Louisiana and raised in Alabama. Derrick’s first job was at Chuck E Cheese in his junior high school. After secondary education, Derrick entered the US Army, where he served for 3 and a half years.

While serving in the army, Derrick completed an emergency medical technician training course to become an emergency doctor. With extensive skills under his belt, after leaving the army, Derrick did not know how to best apply his knowledge.

To begin with, he decided to stay in North Carolina, working in a vape shop, until he was presented with a network marketing opportunity in 2019.

Always an independent, business-oriented leader who excels at communication, Derrick knew he could use this platform to create the opportunity to become his own boss by influencing people looking for new and unconventional ways to make money.

Derrick created his own organization called Saig Investments, focused on using education to empower people to chart their own path, instead of getting stuck in a situation of graduating, fighting debt, and working in a field other than what they were studying for. …

Discussing the concept of Saig Investments, Derrick says:

“Overall, we’re here to educate and educate people on the non-traditional idea that you don’t have to just work nine to five. There are other options. We all have the same 24 hours, but the way you use them sets us apart.

The ultimate goal is to take these new income-generating skills that are being taught and apply them to start your own business or organization, or master trading skills, and ultimately gain the freedom to live the life you choose, rather than being limited to working with nine. up to five, which limits when you can travel, or the amount of time you have in a day to do what you love. “

Today, Derrick’s business is spread throughout the world, with business partners in the United States and Canada, as well as Jordan and Australia. In addition to managing and developing his team, Derrick organizes educational teleconferences via Zoom with over 1,000 participants where he shares his market analysis and real-life trading in the financial markets.

A huge part of Derrick’s mission in building his business is to create an inclusive culture in which, although people are located in different parts of the world, they still have a sense of connection through shared experiences. Derrick himself, incapable of learning, realizes that everyone processes information differently, at different speeds, and requires different levels of guidance and mentoring to be successful.

Derrick’s main goal is to make sure that he is always with his team, giving them the individual attention necessary to fully assimilate the information presented and make full use of it.

In addition to helping his team achieve financial goals, Derrick strives to create a family dynamic in his organization where help is always available when needed. Mentoring to achieve personal goals is just as important to Derrick, and he personally takes responsibility for filling in the gaps that his team may be struggling with to ensure retention and positive results in all respects.

Discussing how he sets himself apart from other mentors with his willingness to do whatever he can for his team, Derrick says:

“When I started this business, I really stopped thinking about myself and started focusing on the other people I work with. You have to acknowledge and remember that people do have a life outside of this business, so not everyone can always use what they want due to other obligations.

So, if I am the best leader I can be, that means I take responsibility for ensuring that they get the education they need. For example, if they missed a call, I have to provide them with the information they missed.

Many people forget that we are responsible to the people we attract to our business, that their future success is almost in our hands, they trust us and keep people who want to continue doing business with you, you need to make sure that you do it like you can do better. “

Derrick’s success begins with a structured daily routine where he wakes up at 3 a.m. to start his trading day, analyzes the markets for possible trade setups, and makes his trade calls in real time with magnification.

At one time, Derrick pays great attention to challenging his team, asking each person, “What do you need from me to become the best leader who will help you achieve the goals you want to achieve”? On Saturday nights, Derrick meets with his team to foster family culture and connect with people from around the world.

As Saig Investments continues to grow, Derrick is thriving financially and personally, showing the masses that the paycheck lifecycle can be disrupted and bringing his team to the top. His best advice for a budding entrepreneur? Keep going!

“Keep your why at the center of everything you do. Your “why” should make you cry – this is what will make you move on. And when others criticize you or say that you cannot accomplish what you set out to do, don’t let that distract you from your goals. You can prove they are wrong, but you can also prove that they are right. “

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