24-year-old entrepreneur and business mentor Wayne Walker shares his tips for achieving abundance in entrepreneurship

Success in the business world requires hard work, determination, and mental toughness, and is often measured in financial returns. But for some entrepreneurs, like Wayne Walker, success is not determined by income, but by the amount of influence you have made on the people around you.

At 24, Wayne has created his own business and is leading the masses to financial freedom through his ability to instill in others a vision that will motivate and inspire. Wayne brings positive change and a new mindset in which growth and expansion are always and in every way a priority. So he went from the trenches to the markets.

Wayne was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and first worked for a tug company where he transported barges and eventually redefined his family lifestyle, which was disrupted by what he lacked months to work. … As a single-minded and self-motivated person, Wayne focused on breaking free from the social construct of exchanging time for money in traditional 9-5 jobs, to pursue entrepreneurship to support himself and his family.

Wayne was introduced to the concept of network marketing and trading in financial markets in March 2021, and he knew this was a great opportunity to learn new skills that would help him generate another source of income while becoming a full-time business owner. Wayne did just that, mastering the skills of trading, mentoring, and leadership to create his own business today called Get Money Crew, or GMC for short.

Discussing GMC goals, Wayne says:

“I want every member of the community and indeed all over the world to receive information and knowledge that can give them new financial opportunities. Everything about cryptocurrency, currency exchange, investing – all this can be learned through GMC. These are skills that will pay you endlessly and help you start your own business or do whatever you want to do in your life. “

Wayne is working diligently to expand his business from across America to a global scale and is committed to ensuring the success of each individual who becomes a part of Get Money Crew, whether through the acquisition of the ability and the funding to start his own business. are doing their hobbies and interests or something else they always wanted to do but could not because of financial constraints.

After successfully helping two people on his team quit their jobs because of the results they have achieved in trading and running their own business, Wayne says this is just the beginning:

“If two people on my team can quit their jobs because of this, anyone and everyone can do it. Although they trade, they make money in minutes. If you are not a nine to five person, the money you make for hours can be refunded. I want to grow leaders and bring everyone associated with my team to the level of success they want to achieve.

Whatever it takes, whatever I do, I’ll do it – I’m a real team player and I don’t play when it comes to business and my team, I want everyone to be successful. “ Wayne says.

Growing up in a harsh neighborhood and challenging environment, Wayne became convinced that the culture that surrounds GMC is conducive to success and foster a positive mindset in his team. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Wayne has learned that in order to grow a team and a business, you need to be willing to change internally, to make change mentally and physically.

Wayne says that once he started working on the consistent growth of his mindset, his business took an upward trajectory.

“I grew up in an area where there was a lot of street violence, a lot of negativity, just a difficult place to grow. Because of this, it took me a while to truly understand who I want to be. But seeing what was happening on the streets, I knew that I wanted to be a business owner, I didn’t want to depend on someone else or work for someone else.

I would surround myself with people who wanted the same thing as me, to help me improve my thinking and the skills I was born with.

It really made me look at a lot of things differently and start looking for new ways to get out of this environment. When I was in ninth grade, I met someone who really helped to motivate me, and this pushed me to create a program for young people in which I can help them develop their mindset to become more positive and better look at their future outside the environment. Wednesday. they grew up in “ Wayne says.

Just as Wayne was able to find direction and purpose in his life with just the help and influence of one person, he hopes to be that change for the people he works with, instilling confidence and mental toughness in them so they can take up the ups. and falling. downturns in entrepreneurial life. As Get Money Crew continues to grow and prosper, more and more people are experiencing significant growth, both financially and psychologically, preparing them for a free future.

Keep reading for another great tip from Wayne!

Whatever you do, do it 10 times more. “If what you are doing now works for you, imagine if you worked 10 times harder on it, you would get that kind of results.”

Don’t doubt yourself.You will have hard days, you will have days when you lose money, but keep going. “

Take this seriously. “When you start or join a business, take it seriously. You must strive for the best and desire to see yourself better. “

Listen to your command. “Everyone has emotions and it’s important to understand and listen to what your team is saying. Their feedback is important not only for your own growth, but also for the growth of the business as a whole and the development of each person. “

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