22-year-old entrepreneur Jacoby Hawkins shares secrets of turning obstacles into opportunities

For many of us, the external environment can have a big impact on our financial results. At times, we may feel trapped or stuck, believing that we cannot get past what is in front of us when our circumstances are not up to the level of success we want for ourselves.

Meet Jacoby Hawkins, an entrepreneur and trader who has built a thriving business centered on sharing his plan for success with the masses, helping people in difficult circumstances turn their trials into triumphs by taking the first step towards a better financial future.

Jacoby was born and raised in Alabama, in one of the smallest towns in Birmingham called Roebuck. He attended the University of Troy with a degree in criminal justice. Jacobi, who had never worked in a traditional job, was geared towards an entrepreneurial life with a vision of success that went far beyond his current circumstances, towards a prosperous future for himself and his family.

It was at the end of 2019 when Jacoby was exposed to new information that will allow him to raise funds to truly impact his life and the lives of others – network marketing and trading in the financial markets. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, Jacoby devoted his time and effort to mastering the skills required to start his own business called Sick of Struggling (SOS) Investments.

To date, through SOS Investments, Jacoby has influenced over 3,000 people, providing tools and resources to teach trading skills and mentor them to become successful entrepreneurs building their own businesses.

Discussing his business concept, Jacoby says:

I consider myself a problem solver. The biggest problem people face these days is money: how to make it and when it will appear, how to invest it. So, I’m showing people a new way to generate income that they may have never thought of or even knew about.

In an industry where building relationships and trust is the foundation of future success and growth, Jacoby stands out from other network marketers with his astounding knowledge of the financial market, especially his deep understanding of gold charting patterns. Jacoby shares his own plan for deal success. He provides real market signals to help other traders master the skills by replicating his technique and personally teaching him analysis.

“Building trust was one of the toughest challenges in the beginning. It is one thing to say that you are trading and investing, but it is another thing to actually do it, especially for yourself. To gain that trust among my business partners, I needed to give them something reproducible by demonstrating my skills in the markets and helping people profit from it. I spent a lot of time researching gold and soon I had results. I know that not everyone will be able to read charts the way I do, but I thought maybe if I tell them to buy this right now, because I buy this, we can make money together. And that’s exactly what I did – gave my students at the SOS Investing Group the opportunity to soak up this knowledge by taking these deals and learning from them. ” – says Jacoby.

Coming from an area with a high crime rate and gang affiliation, Jacoby wants to show others what is are ways to make something of ourselves and be successful without resorting to what we see in the environment. Jacoby sets an example by turning the obstacles of adolescence into opportunities, and says that in order to find your path to success, it is enough to have an open mind and a willingness to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

“I am proud to be from Birmingham, but this is definitely a harsh area, there is a lot of gun violence and it’s hard not to be a product of your environment. When presented with this opportunity, I decided that I was going to go all-in to show people that there was another way to get out of this. It was difficult for me to get into the world of investing, because I did not know anything about it. Most of my friends didn’t understand what I was doing. It is difficult to go through changes, but it is more difficult to go through them alone. I do everything better, so I can introduce them and everyone who was in my place with something better “, – says Jacoby.

While a significant part of SOS Investments’ focus is on achieving financial security, Jacoby places equal emphasis on keeping his team in the right place mentally. Jacoby says the loss of his grandmother was a turning point in his journey that reinforced his faith in his vision of success and reinforced the importance of our gratitude and faith at the center of everything we do.

“On a typical day, I always check my team. It’s not just about trading or making money, it’s about making sure their head is okay. Whatever they do outside of this business, if I can help them do it, I will. I tell people that when they join this business, they inherit me – which means that I am here to make sure that not only their money is right, but their opinion is correct. “ – says Jacoby.

As Jacoby continues to build his business and lead new and ambitious entrepreneurs to the top, the name of his business, SOS Investments, speaks for itself – if we are tired of struggling with circumstances that seem beyond our control, Jacoby’s parting advice Some of us must remember to do the first a step towards a brighter tomorrow:

My mentor always says, “If you are going through hell, why stay there?” If your back is against the wall, if you take this step, you will no longer be against the wall. If you are at the lowest point, if you stand up, you are doing better because you are off the ground. Just keep going – longevity will prevail in most, if not all of our battles.

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