14 facts about July 4th

To celebrate this day and remind the day the country gained freedom, people view fireworks and family gatherings. You can call your family and friends and decide to go to a party or want to have some fun by the seaside together, taking time out of your busy schedule and dedicating them to your family’s happiness.

This is just as important as it will bring you peace of mind, freedom and satisfaction, and you can devote some time to your loved ones on July 4, 2021. In this pandemic, most people share images on July 4th. from 2021 patriotic and inspirational quotes to your loved ones wishing them a happy US Independence Day 2021.

Since we’re in 2021, here are 14 facts and trivia about July 4th.

1. According to Ultimate Coupons, more 123 million Americans have a country flag on their homes… Patriots, yes or of course?

2. Former presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 1826., with a difference of five hours. This fact further strengthened the date.

3. On average 900 liters of ice cream are sold annually on 4 July.… Since it’s summer now, Americans are combining fun with the heat and delight in the bumps!

4. According to Time magazine, July 4th is the leader in hot dog sales in the country. Americans consume about 155 million snacks during celebrations… Damn sausage!

5. Some important people in US history were born on July 4th.… Calvin Coolidge, the country’s 30th president, and Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi and Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia blow out the candles on this day.

6. In July 1776, approximately 2.5 million people lived in the United States.… Today that number is much higher: about 321.4 million, according to the US Census Bureau.

7. In 2015 Americans have spent over $ 600 million on fireworks to celebrate the day.… Two of the most famous performances are the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington.

Image source: 4th of July images.

8. Besides Christmas and Thanksgiving, July 4th is the most popular holiday in the country.… Nobody likes it!

nine. Potato salad and / or French fries are the most common additions to family meals on this holiday.… Americans are addicted to the tuber!

10. One of the main reasons why Americans fought for their independence was unrepresentative taxation and lack of voting rights in the English parliament.

eleven. On July 4, about 68 million cases of beer were sold across the country.… While many are working with a hangover the next day, the drink makers are grateful for the profits.

12. 26% of Americans do not know that the United States has freed itself from England.… Many celebrate according to tradition, not knowing the true history of the date.

13. The United Kingdom is the sixth largest trading partner of the United States. More than $ 100 billion is traded annually.… Enemies who have become friends. <3

fourteen. Nine US cities begin with Freedom and 4 more with the word “Freedom” out of 11 places, the names of which contain the word “Independence”.

That’s it guys. Are there any curious facts to add to the list? =

From July 4th, USA! I will be visiting you soon – and, of course, you will find out everything!

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